Tied Teacher - Subdued Student - Struggling Sprite

Release Date: Nov.12.2018
Running Time: 0:56:31
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Maya Kendrick, Danni Rivers, Alex De La Flor

College counselor Maya Kendrick knew that she'd have her hands full with rebellious student Danni Rivers but she never expected that those hands would actually be tied behind her back! After Maya was bound and gagged, Danni unleashed several more surprises, first by baring and caressing the enticing counselor's breasts, then taking a smiling selfie as the lovely redhead squirmed. With Maya's long legs propped in her lap, the naughty student removed her heels and gleefully tickled her soft bare soles before mouthing her toes! But while Danni was enjoying her kinky play, Maya was freeing herself so the roles were soon reversed, with the barefoot troublemaker standing trussed and tape-gagged as the indignant academic towered over her. Maya could have reported Danni for her outrageous behavior; instead the bound girl's breasts and feet received the same treatment she'd dished out!

Savor another serving of marvelous Maya, who struggled fervently after she was roped to a chair and ball-gagged. Maya's expressive eyes flared when her tight burgundy dress was rearranged to bare her breasts but her ordeal was magnified once the menacing man holding her removed her high heels. With her legs raised and tied- down onto a second chair, Maya's sensitive foot-bottoms were excruciatingly vulnerable to tickling and her toes to assertive manipulation!

Delightful Danni experienced her own harrowing encounter with a hooded villain when she was tied down on a massage table clad only in panties! After he stuffed cloth in her mouth and gagged her with duct-tape, he hovered over Danni as she twisted anxiously in the rope web, then enjoyed her plight from a distance. Danni's bare feet were too tempting for him to resist a tickling bout, however, then he slid her panties down her legs before leaving the bewildered girl hopelessly trapped.

Petite Alex De La Flor was already tightly bound in her flowery romper when she exerted all her charm begging not to be gagged. But the callous intruder brushed aside her plea, then used cloth-stuffing and duct-tape to muffle her voice before tossing her onto the bed. Alex twisted on her hip and rolled acrobatically onto her back while raising her bare feet high above her head but her contortions were restricted after she was hogtied on a cafeteria table!

Poor little Alex just couldn't seem to escape that nasty old bondage! It was bad enough that the barefoot sprite was tied and tape-gagged once again but after she strained against her bonds as she sat in a chair, then rolled around vigorously on the floor, yet another nemesis produced a more encompassing type of restraint. Placed in a large cardboard box perfectly shaped for her, Alex continued to whimper and squirm even after it was taped shut!

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