The Shoestring Bandit

Release Date: Nov.25.2019
Running Time: 0:57:33
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Natalie Knight, Ashley Lane, Emma Starletto, Mackenzie Moss, Eden Wells

What better way to economize on your nefarious bondage activity than by using shoestrings to keep your subjects' wrists and ankles under control? Ashley Lane and Natalie Knight were the first to experience the Shoestring Bandit's unique methods when he invaded their mini-boutique in search of cash. Ashley was alone when he surprised her, bound her wrists with his favorite ligature, then crammed cloth between the wide-eyed girl's lips before sealing them with duct-tape. Sitting bound and gagged on a small chair with her ankles tied, Ashley was powerless to warn Natalie of the burglar's presence when her petite partner returned to their shop. Natalie was quickly overpowered, then restrained and silenced in the same manner as Ashley; twisting side-by-side in minimal but effective bondage, they could only watch as the thief cleaned out their financial resources.

Emma Starletto was rudely awakened from her peaceful slumber when the Shoestring Bandit struck again. The naked girl's wrists were tied behind her back, cloth-stuffing and duct-tape muffled her voice and her crossed ankles were secured with another black string while she squirmed on her stomach. Stunned by the shocking intrusion, Emma rolled on the bed until the introduction of a third shoestring pulled her hands and bare feet closer together in a hogtie.

Slender beauty Mackenzie Moss also received an unwelcome visit from the Shoestring Bandit, who followed his tried-and-true procedure of binding his subject's wrists behind her back and stuffing cloth between lips sealed by duct- tape. Seated on a couch, Mackenzie writhed as her dress was lowered to bare her breasts; after her ankles were shoestringed and sandals removed, she lay back while her slender bare toes were greedily mouthed by the unwelcome guest. When she was left alone, Mackenzie strained in frustration against the taut strings until the burglar returned from ransacking her house. After placing his feisty captive on her stomach, he again paid an oral tribute to her long red-nailed toes.

Eden Wells encountered the ski-masked intruder when he seized her after she returned home from a workout in the park. Once she was tied hand and foot, the Shoestring Bandit kept Eden quiet by sealing cloth in her mouth with duct-tape, then left her struggling on the floor. Returning from his larcenous activities, he removed Eden's shoes and socks and carried the barefoot woman to a couch, where he sucked on her toes as she squirmed in amazement. Later, Eden was seated on a chair with her feet raised on a small circular table so that the Shoestringer could nibble on her toes once again.

After Eden was allowed to exchange her workout clothing for a tight top and jeans, a new pair of shoestrings pinned her down on a bed, her crossed wrists tied above her head to the bed's metal frame and her ankles hitched below. Gagged with microfoam tape, her feet still bare, the desperate woman twisted her body back and forth against slender but sturdy bonds that refused to loosen. Before long, Eden's red-nailed toes yet again disappeared in the bandit's mouth, then he vanished while the bound and gagged woman continued to battle the shoestrings.

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