Pretty Girls Bound And Gagged In Their Cozy Bedroo

Release Date: Nov.25.2019
Running Time: 0:50:8
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ashley Lane, Natalie Knight, Allie Nicole

Clad in bras and panties, Ashley Lane and Natalie Knight were enjoying a pleasant makeout session when Ashley's jealous ex brought it to an abrupt conclusion. Their slender bodies controlled with rope and their lips sealed with duct-tape, Natalie and Ashley twisted nervously as they sat on the edge of the bed where they'd caressed each other moments before. The angry woman savored their anxious struggling and pathetic whimpering after she bared their breasts but her vendetta was just beginning.

After they were stripped naked and tightly bound once again, Ashley and Natalie were moved farther back under the bed's confining triangular recess. Their eyes wide with apprehension at the bitter woman's behavior, the helpless girls murmured behind the black tape muffling their speech as they strained against resistant ropework. The vengeful intruder obviously brought plenty of rope because before long Natalie's and Ashley's legs were both folded by hogties that left them rolling onto their stomachs and sides while bare feet flexed behind bound wrists.

No longer bedbound, Ashley and Natalie sat next to each other and strained cautiously in chairs to which they'd been tethered. Naked, trussed- up and ball-gagged, they'd been thoroughly intimidated by the woman who accused Ashley of betraying her. Before leaving, she displayed her contempt for the two innocent lovers by moving Natalie onto Ashley's lap and tying her ankles to the chair so that the petite nude straddled her new girlfriend. Although they were dismayed by the awkward position, the bound girls were consoled by the physical proximity that brought a degree of sensual satisfaction.

Allie Nicole was looking forward to a peaceful nap but encountered imagery in her dreams that caused her to contort under the covers. Trapped in a rope web that coiled around her silky purple robe and nightgown, Allie sat on the bed and tried to call for help through the tape covering her mouth. As the nightmare unfolded, Allie's bare breasts emerged through the coils around her chest and her legs were folded by a link between her waist and ankles. Rolling onto her side, the blonde beauty wriggled to the edge of the bed in search of a rescuer nowhere to be found.

Allie's vivid imagination propelled her into an even more daunting position where she knelt naked, bound and tape-gagged on a square platform. As she carefully tested the ropework dominating her body, Allie gazed from side-to-side and uttered muffled pleas for help. In contrast to her hopes, the buxom little blonde was lowered onto her stomach, where her body was more efficiently restrained by a rope linking wrists to ankles and folding her into a hogtie. Eager to free herself, Allie arched strenuously but the knotted web easily survived her zealous challenge.

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