Professor Kester's Strictly Academic Discipline

Release Date: May.20.2019
Running Time: 0:49:9
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Pepper Kester, Melody Marks

Professor Pepper Kester didn't pull any punches when she confronted misbehaving student Melody Marks: Accept an F for the semester...or a special disciplinary seminar designed by the Professor. Melody reluctantly chose the second option, which required her to sit bound on a wooden coffee table. When Melody changed her mind and asked to be untied, the predatory prof instead stuffed cloth in her mouth and assured the struggling student's silence with a duct-tape gag. She then proceeded with discipline that consisted of baring and fondling Melody's A+ breasts before turning the bound and gagged girl on her stomach. After producing a sturdy wooden ruler, Pepper loudly swatted Melody's bare bottom, then introduced her naked soles to bastinado. Preparing for a prolonged encounter, the aroused Professor left the desperate student hogtied while she took a break, but her punitive scheme was about to boomerang.

Professor Kester was stunned when the Dean of Students paid her a surprise visit and found half-naked Melody struggling in bondage. Worried by the University's potential liability, he decreed that the only solution was for Melody and Pepper to switch roles, a decision that delighted the student as much as it dismayed the Professsor. So Melody showed the trussed-up educator what she'd learned by gagging her with cloth and tape, then opening her colorful blouse for a hands-on exploration of rope-framed breasts. She continued to imitate her humiliated mentor by rolling Pepper onto her stomach so she could deal out a bare-bottom spanking with the handy ruler. Once Melody had her punished professor trapped in a hogtie, she was satisfied by the stimulating payback and prepared to leave -- but the Dean had other ideas!

According to the Dean's peculiar moral compass, neither Melody nor Pepper had received sufficient discipline for their respective misdeeds, so the bare-breasted pair were relegated to ropework that left them sitting next to each other, their backs to the wall. Professor and student mumbled through their tape-gags and reached a truce based on their common misfortune, but after strenuous contortions, the knotted ropes still wound tightly around their limbs while Pepper and Melody rolled about in frustration, legs entangled, until they huddled together in submission to their restraint.

After Melody and Pepper were stripped to their panties, they stood side-by-side, once again controlled by rope, their lips spread by knotted black cleave-gags. Supported by rope-links secured overhead, both balanced barefoot as their anxiety about the deranged Dean's motives increased -- worries that were intensified after he ordered his angry colleague and the remorseful student to press their breasts together. Inspired by their sensual undulations, he assured that nudity would ensue by sliding Pepper and Melody's panties down around their knees.

Although the panties returned to their original positions, the Dean's two unhappy subjects were brought to their knees; tied hand and foot and gagged with duct-tape, they knelt facing each other and edged their bodies closer at his command. Somehow not yet satisfied by their submission, the Dean made their panties disappear, then watched Melody and Pepper struggle in full nudity, their movements made awkward by direct waist-ankle rope-links. Although she had shared the Dean's domination with Melody, it was Professor Kester alone who was subjected to an outcome that marked her with a failing grade. 

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