Are You Going To Tie Us Up Again?

Release Date: May.20.2019
Running Time: 0:47:45
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Evelyn Clair, Gianna Gem

Evelyn Claire's friends couldn't decide whether she was more beautiful than brilliant or vice versa. They also envied her ability to make very profitable business deals, like the one that had just turned an antique coin into a substantial addition to her bank account. But when a man obsessed with the coin came calling, neither Evelyn's brains or beauty was a match for the ropes he used to subdue her or the cloth and duct-tape that muffled her protests. The intruder refused to believe her denial of any knowledge about the coin so he rummaged through her home while the bound and gagged Evelyn twisted anxiously in her chair. Determined to escape, the lovely businesswoman slipped off her high heels and began hopping away on her bare feet but hadn't gone far when she was caught and moved onto her desk. There Evelyn struggled cautiously, her legs folded by a rope around her thighs, and curled up on her hip. When the angry man departed, he warned Evelyn that his quest for the coin was just beginning.

A few weeks later, Evelyn received a call from her friend Gianna Gem, who believed that she was being watched. Gianna had been shaken by Evelyn's encounter with bondage and requested her friend to come over and stay with her; before Evelyn's arrival, however, Gianna would have another visitor. Continuing his crusade for the elusive doubloon, the menacing figure coiled Gianna's tight blue jeans and matching top with even tighter rope and used cloth and duct-tape to gag her just as he had Evelyn. Trussed-up and barefoot, the petite dark-haired girl sat dazed on her couch but soon began to struggle with all her energy. When she saw that the crazed man was ignoring her, Gianna quietly sat up and slipped off the couch, then strained against her restrictive bonds on the floor. But she remained in frustrating restraint and when she heard Evelyn calling, Gianna's gag-stifled warning came too late to prevent both women from falling into the madman's clutches.

Evelyn had come to support her friend but now sat next to her, both she and Gianna controlled by rope, their eyes vividly expressive of the apprehension they shared, their lips once again sealed with tape. Despite their captor's harangues, Evelyn had continued to plead ignorance of the coin's location; in response, he hinted that her lies were placing Gianna in jeopardy. Ankles tethered to the chair-legs, they turned carefully to pluck at the knots trapping each other's wrists but remained powerless to prevent their nemesis from callously baring their breasts. Despite their harrowing plight, Gianna and Evelyn both refused his demands to surrender information about the coin.

No longer in chairs, Evelyn and Gianna now sat tied and cleave- gagged side-by-side on the floor; they were also no longer clothed, so both shivered as nudity intensified their vulnerability. The implacable man's presence also weighed on the bound and gagged friends, then waist-ankle rope- links made even small movements more difficult. When Gianna exerted herself frantically and fell on her side, she rolled around in leg-hobbled anguish until her resistance dissolved and she murmured loudly toward the smug evildoer. Once her gag was removed, Gianna spilled the beans about Evelyn's deal; he was immediately out the door, leaving the naked pawns to free themselves.

Evelyn forgave Gianna's surrender in such unimaginable circumstances and they took their relationship to a new level. Making out on the bed together, they were glad to have left the bondage nightmare behind them -- until it came calling in a new guise! This time it was a larcenous female who interrupted the romance; all too familiar with the usual procedure, Evelyn asked wearily if they'd be bound and gagged again. The answer was a positive one, of course, with the lovers separated to prevent their cooperation. Both gagged with microfoam, Gianna sat tied on the bed in her bra and panties, while Evelyn was confined to a padded bench with her ankles hitched to one of its legs. A flowery chemise highlighted Evelyn's femininity and her athleticism emerged when she pulled free of the ankle tether and hopped over to the bed for a reunion with Gianna. But their futile maneuvers left them trapped in ropework that had become all too familiar and yearning for a rescuer to loosen the knots that defied their waning strength. 

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