Grab And Bind Of Jayde Symz

Release Date: Jun.11.2018
Running Time: 0:47:6
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Jayde Symz

When she arrived early at the office, Jayde Symz looked especially professional in her dark jacket and skirt, a distinction that mattered not at all to the thief who she interrupted! Jayde had been shocked to find an empty safe and her dismay escalated when the hooded figure seized her, tied her hands behind her back, then silenced her with a knotted black cloth. After seating the petite executive on the floor, he tied her ankles together and cynically counseled her to relax while he and his partners completed their operation. As time passed, Jayde's struggles left her lying on the floor, stockinged feet freed of her pumps; she sighed in relief when she heard the thieves preparing to leave. But when the sinister figure knelt next to her, he delivered a chilling message -- he'd learned that Jayde was the mistress of the company's owner so she'd be leaving with them! He was willing to bet that his crew would make a lot more by exchanging her than they'd scoured from the office.

Jayde's very bad day continued after she was whisked away to a dark wooden room and bound to a chair; she only had a few moments to speak before the triumphant crook jammed cloth into her mouth, then sealed it in place with duct-tape! Deprived of her jacket and blouse, her stockinged feet tethered to the chair-leg, Jayde twisted pathetically and whimpered behind her gag. The bound and gagged pawn was alarmed when her bra was lowered to bare her breasts but it was the arrival of an angry woman that took her plight to a menacing new level. The message sent to Jayde's lover demanding a profitable payoff for her return had been intercepted by his wife, who was happy to come up with the money -- as long as she was given the opportunity to gain revenge on her husband's plaything!

Not surprisingly, the money-hungry thief was willing to play along with the bitter wife's nasty scheme, so a trembling Jayde found herself roped to a tall wooden post and clad in nothing but her black thong panties. After the ball-gagged little brunette was more securely pinned to the post by coils of rope he enthusiastically tightened around her breasts, she strained anxiously while her rival taunted her. Jayde was embarrassed by the uncontrollable drooling caused by her gag, but even deeper humiliation followed when her panties were dropped to her ankles and a crotch-rope inserted between her legs!

Bound, naked and mouthing a white cleave-gag, Jayde lay twisting on her stomach, her bare feet tethered to a small bed's headboard. The powerless girl was resigned to more misery at the hands of the vicious pair and it arrived in the form of a hogtie that raised her soft bare soles to a vulnerable height. The hooded tormentor then applied his fingertips to Jayde's foot-bottoms, eliciting squeals behind the newly-applied tape- gag that delighted her enemy; relieved from tickling, Jayde remained hogtied and arching while the creative pair planned a final surprise for her!

A much larger bed furnished the support for Jayde's spreadeagled body; lip-sealing tape once again muffled her calls for help as she tugged with futile desperation against the ropes stretching her arms and legs to the four bedposts. Jayde arched unhappily on her back after a knotted crotch-rope suspended from a ceiling chain snaked between her legs but the climax of her ordeal arrived after her restraint was reversed so that she squirmed on her stomach. Encouraged by the ecstatic wife, the heartless crook paid his last tribute to Jayde's hapless position by paddling her round bottom until it turned pink; released at last, a thoroughly intimidated mistress promised that her lover would never see her again because she was leaving town for good! 

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