Kristen And Summer: Pretty Little Bondage Pawns

Release Date: Jan.08.2018
Running Time: 0:47:38
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kristen Scott, Summer Brooks

Petite executive Kristen Scott has no chance to relax after her return home because she's immediately confronted by a hooded intruder who ties her hands behind her, cleave-gags her, then carries her further into her home! Tightly roped to a chair, Kristen's unable to warn Summer Brooks about the menacing man when her pretty assistant pays a visit; within moments Summer's also bound and gagged! As both youthful businesswomen writhe in chair- bondage and murmur through their gags, they try to grasp the meaning of their plight!

Standing side-by-side and tethered to the stairway railing, Kristen and Summer strain against ropework that frames their exposed breasts and plead for an explanation of their ordeal! Before gagging them with duct-tape, the hooded figure growls that the innocent women are being punished for the sins of their corporate employer. As Summer twists on her bare feet and Kristen rises on stockinged toes, they reach out in desperation for each other's wrist bonds but at this sign of defiance, the remorseless man lowers them to the floor. Tethered on their hips and eyes wide above their gags, the two pawns in an insane game tremble under their oppressor's rage-filled rants!

Stripped of their remaining clothes, Summer and Kristen have no choice but to listen to the madman's unending accusations while they sit tape- gagged, trussed and naked against the headboard of Kristen's bed! It's a tremendous relief when he announces his departure, but as the final act of his twisted mission, he hogties the powerless young women one after the other, then leaves the intimidated pair wriggling on their stomachs!

Our two diminutive models prey on each other in a turnabout scenario that begins with Crimson Avenger Kristen tape-gagging bound cat-burglar Summer with the intention of lecturing her that crime doesn't pay! Kristen's good intentions go awry, however, when she's aroused by the masked bad- girl's undulations; after fondling and unmasking Summer, naughty Kristen rolls the squirming burglar on her stomach for a spanking, then removes her boots and ruthlessly tickles her bare soles!

Kristen's so dedicated to disciplining Summer that she ignores the possibility that the little thief has a partner; when he appears, the tables are turned big- time! With Kristen seated tied and tape-gagged on the lounge in all her crimson glory, Summer relishes the opportunity to play with her slender body before repositioning the not-so-superheroine for an energetic revenge spanking! The unrepentant cat concludes her triumph as she watches Kristen arch in humiliation after her boots are hitched to her chest bonds!

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