Melody Marks Meets Mr. Ice Cube

Release Date: Jun.24.2019
Running Time: 0:50:35
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Melody Marks

Melody Marks was bored with work and the rest of her life. That's why she paid the Adventure Shop to furnish some excitement; they didn't specify the nature of her adventure but promised plenty of thrills. So when a hooded figure suddenly materialized in Melody's home, she reacted enthusiastically as he bound her wrists, then gagged her with cloth stuffing and duct-tape. Once the role-playing secretary was secure in his grasp, he took her away to a stark locale; after coiling more rope around her curvaceous torso, he dumped Melody onto a mattress and left. A tightly-bound package in her blouse, skirt and heels, Melody relished the opportunity to act the damsel in distress, so her eyes sparkled as she strained against rope and vocalized through her gag!

As the second act of the drama she yearned for got underway, Melody sat on the blue-covered mattress with her back against the wall; her shoes had been removed and her blouse opened to reveal a frilly pink bra. It didn't take long for Melody to realize that the ropes controlling her limbs were far too tightly-knotted for her to loosen, so she decided to play the escape card by sliding to the edge of the mattress. No sooner had she raised her stockinged feet above the wooden floor when the hooded man reappeared to drag her back. Melody was surprised when her breasts were then bared but decided to play the feisty heroine by giving her nemesis the finger! Struggling even more energetically than before, Melody rolled around onto her stomach and kicked up her feet until he loomed over her to display an interest in those arching soles.

Melody had enjoyed the escape from her humdrum routine into this manufactured peril. But as she sat confined in wooden stocks, boredom was no longer an issue and a return to the office routine began to seem appealing. Melody had lost her demure outfit and was clad only in skimpy bra and panties; her feet were covered by matching light-blue socks, which the disguised man pulled off when he returned once again. His purpose became all to clear when he began to ruthlessly tickle Melody's sensitive bare soles; muffled giggles erupted through the cloth tied between her lips. After her gag was removed, Melody's ticklish ordeal continued with the addition of ice-cubes pressed against her foot-bottoms. Once his contribution to Melody's stimulation ended, her wrists were tied behind the stocks' post, her breasts were exposed and she was gagged with microfoam tape. Trapped in a plight of her own making, Melody could only await her next adventure.

As it began, Melody found herself standing inescapably roped to a much taller wooden post; nude and ball-gagged, she shivered in the cool room but would soon encounter a much chillier predicament. Despite her apprehension, Melody tried to generate positive energy from this alarming position by vigorously contorting her naked body and rising on her bare toes. Her ambivalence sharpened when the man in black slithered close to her, another glistening bit of ice in his hand. Melody's eyes widened and she gasped when the ice traced a path along her stomach and up onto her breasts until it found a home first on one nipple, then the other. Although Melody fervently desired to escape from her restraint, a part of her consciousness still thrilled at the sensual rewards of the game she'd chosen to play.

Once Melody's ice-cube romance had ended and her nudity was hidden by a tight blue swimsuit, she sat tied and tape-gagged on a light patterned carpet. Her mysterious guide to adventure challenged his trussed-up client to wriggle across the floor so she could reach the phone he'd tossed in the corner. Although Melody's bound ankles were tethered to a heavy metal weight, her eagerness to escape propelled her quickly to the phone. As soon as she got her hands on it, however, the sneering man quickly snatched it away, before arranging for Melody's bare breasts to thrust through the rope surrounding them. The daring girl's adventurous day reached its climax when she was subjected to a hogtie that efficiently folded her bound body. After watching her writhe angrily for several moments, her dominant companion congratulated Melody on persisting through the rigorous activities she obviously enjoyed, then informed her that he'd be leaving for good. Muffled protests at being abandoned fell on deaf ears so Melody was required to free herself after prolonged and strenuous efforts. A call to the Adventure Shop swiftly followed, one that expressed the emotions she'd been unable to verbalize for hours.

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