Bondage Trickery Traps Innocent Women

Release Date: Dec.17.2018
Running Time: 0:48:36
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chanel Preston, Charlotte Stokely, Anya Ivy, Britney Amber, Samantha Hayes

The perils of snooping are vividly illustrated by Charlotte Stokely and Chanel Preston, who couldn't resist sneaking onto the property of a secretive neighbor and peeking into his windows. When they separate, Chanel's grabbed by the sinister man, then seated in the storage area of an SUV; dressed in tight shirt and jeans, the busty MILF's subdued by even tighter rope and gagged with duct-tape. Understandably apprehensive, Chanel squirms awkwardly in the limited space, then perks up when Charlotte finds her. But the rescue's swiftly interrupted when the very bad neighbor seizes the slender blonde; within moments, a bound and gagged Charlotte's struggling next to Chanel. Eye-catching in a pink dress and gold sandals, spunky Charlotte works hard trying to free both her friend and herself, before edging out of the vehicle so she can try to hop away. After their vigilant captor materializes to seize her, he decides to move his unhappy guests indoors.

Placed on a chair, Charlotte continues to battle ropework that her energetic contortions fail to loosen. Before long, Chanel's escorted into the room, her arms still bound and tape-gag stifling her protests; seated next to Charlotte, her ankles are tied together by the predatory neighbor, who mocks their curiosity before leaving. The bound and gagged MILFs are starkly aware of their precarious situation, so they fight against their restraint with all the ingenuity they can muster, first rubbing tape-gagged faces together, then plucking at each other's roped wrists. When those efforts fail, Charlotte slips off her sandals so she can tug at Chanel's wrists and gag with her bare toes, but after all their exertions, two regretful snoops remain snared in bondage.

Watch out, Anya Ivy, there's a fugitive on the loose and she needs a change of clothes! Britney Amber knows she's far too conspicuous in her bright red blouse and skirt so she's happy to take Anya's dark outfit, then leave the intimidated little secretary bound and ball-gagged in her chair. Britney delays her departure, however, because the sight of her trussed-up captive shivering in bra and panties is simply too enticing to ignore. Dressed in Anya's clothing, the wicked woman bares and fondles the helpless girl's breasts before making her escape; humiliated Anya writhes in bondage but her opportunity for payback will soon arrive.

Because she wasted time toying with Anya, Britney was caught by her plaything's fellow workers, who decided that their friend should give the bad girl a taste of her own medicine. Stripped to her tight black body-suit, it's bare-breasted Britney who sits writhing in rope; the ball-gag she secured in Anya's mouth now spreads her lips and causes an embarrassing flow of drool down her chin. Sweet little Anya reveals her naughty side by straddling the bound con-woman so she can tweak her nipples. After playfully licking Britney's massive breasts, Anya raises her legs so she can tickle bare soles that prove to be quite sensitive; it's easy to assume that Britney wishes she'd never encountered Anya in the first place.

It's not easy being a Christmas elf -- just ask Samantha Hayes, who's adorable in her red cap and bra, plaid skirt and sandals, but stands twisting and turning with her wrists and arms bound and her lips sealed with tape. Before long, Samantha's kneeling on the floor, ankles tied together and feet bare; she gazes up indignantly after her breasts are exposed, then curls up meekly. A rope link between her ankles and chest- bonds limits Samantha to rolling onto her side and stomach, positions that reveal her pantieless plight. 

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