I Found My Secretary Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Dec.17.2018
Running Time: 0:49:23
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Britney Amber, Anya Ivy, Jessica Rex, Charlotte Stokely, Gia Derza

After they emptied the safe, the burglars warned Britney Amber in no uncertain terms to stay motionless and quiet; for several minutes, she obeyed their orders. When she was momentarily ignored, however, Britney couldn't resist the temptation of her nearby phone. She'd only begun a 911 call when one of the intruders returned and the luckless stenographer's minimal freedom was negated by ropes tightened around her colorful blouse, while a black cleave-gag muffled her voice. After Britney stealthily loosened the tether pinning her ankles to the couch where she was seated, she slipped off her heels and attempted to hop away in her stockinged feet. Thwarted once again by the impatient thieves, bare- breasted Britney lay helpless on the couch with her legs folded by another rope-link.

Bound, gagged and bewildered, Anya Ivy sat on the small bed where she was being held as a guarantee of her boss's good behavior. The petite secretary's black blouse was pressed against her body with taut white rope and a white cleave spread her lips; a length of rope tied around her ankles minimized her mobility. As time passed and she remained trapped in bondage, Anya twisted anxiously on the bed, especially after her breasts were exposed. When the forceful efforts to free herself became too obvious, she was rolled onto her stomach into a hogtie that brought her small stockinged feet close to her bound wrists.

Office hostilities followed Jessica Rex home when a colleague arrived with vengeance on his mind. Because he also brought along rope and duct-tape, a stunned Jessica soon sat on her bed in blouse, skirt and heels, arms and legs rendered powerless and eyes wide above her gag. While the bitter man trashed her house, Jessica exerted all the energy she could muster attempting to burst free of his web. But when he returned, her black-clad body lay mastered by the coils of white rope, then endured a more restrictive sequel as she found herself hogtied in her stockinged feet.

Gia Derza was convinced that one of the employees of her dad's small company had been fattening his bank account through clever financial manipulations. When she discovered the incriminating evidence, the novice accountant assertively confronted the shady character; Gia expected self-righteous denials, even contemptuous remarks about her lack of experience. What Gia didn't expect was a man so desperate that he'd tighten rope around her pink polka-dot blouse, truss her to the chair and tie a knotted cloth in her mouth -- or so creepy that he'd open said blouse to bare her rope-framed breasts! A sadder but wiser businesswoman, Gia squirmed on the floor next to her desk, stockinged feet pulled close to her thighs by a waist-ankle tether.

Charlotte Stokely was working late on a special project that she'd kept hidden from her colleagues, so no one was around when she was interrupted by an intruder who had his own illegal venture in mind. Once Charlotte was tied in her chair, he solved the noise problem by stuffing cloth in her mouth and securing it with an especially tight cleave gag. Despite her stringent bondage, feisty Charlotte struggled vigorously, then propelled her wheeled chair toward an open door until the amused thief prevented her exit. The securely trussed secretary then writhed barefoot on top of the desk for hours, but failed to loosen the rope hobbling her legs. 

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