Dangerous Diva Vs. Lola Pearl

Release Date: Sep.11.2017
Running Time: 0:54:58
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Lola Pearl, Dangerous Diva

Life was good for Lola Pearl -- as she reclined on a lounge in her white filigree dress, the beautiful adventuress could delight in all the luxury that her grifting life had brought her. But Lola had made enemies with her slippery ways and none thirsted for revenge more than Dangerous Diva, who emerged like a figure from a nightmare to seize her prey! After binding Lola's wrists behind her, the Diva thrust a black ball-gag between her lips, then as the struggling con-girl knelt on her lounge, the Crime Queen tightened black rope above and below her breasts! Once she finished knotting yet more rope around Lola's ankles, the Diva reminded her of their collaboration years before that ended when the clever Ms. Pearl absconded with the loot! The time for payback had arrived, crowed the Diva, while Lola squirmed on her stomach and kicked up her bare feet in frustration -- and the interest rate on her debt would be extremely high!

After Lola's dress was removed, she sat on the floor, her naked body controlled by another array of black rope. The Diva's larcenous instinct told her that her former partner was hiding an especially valuable prize amidst all the art and jewelry, so she interrogated Lola by tickling her bare soles and body! When Lola proved defiant, her cat- suited nemesis ball-gagged her once more, then escalated the process of intimidation by swatting the curvaceous bottom of her powerless subject! Inspired by Lola's writhing, the Diva straddled her, tweaked her nipples and revelled in dominating the luscious nude! Although she was unable to obtain the information she wanted, the Diva happily compromised by hogtying Lola and leaving her to arch on the black carpet while she searched the house!

Dangerous Diva was determined to leave with valuables sufficient to compensate for Lola's treachery, but she certainly wasn't dismayed by the resistance she encountered. It gave her the opportunity to bind and humiliate this beautiful woman who'd been foolish enough to cheat her; the lesson continued as Lola stood webbed in rope against a wooden railing high above the room where she'd relaxed earlier. Gagged with duct tape, Lola strained against her bondage with ferocious energy, indignant that she'd become the plaything of a woman who'd once seemed to be an easy mark! Her rage grew as the masked villainess casually fondled her breasts and tugged on the crotch- rope that had been added for the Diva's amusement. But after this spectre from her past left to indulge in more ransacking, a new figure in black materialized to free her! And when the Diva returned to find nothing but rope strewn about where Lola had struggled, the hooded man swiftly took control of the hissing cat!

Lola was ecstatic! Thanks to her mysterious new friend, the mighty Diva sat bound and defenseless on the wooden floor, unable to do anything more than spit hostile responses to Lola's taunting! Her ability to verbalize was severly restricted, however, when the gleeful Lola gagged her with the ball she'd mouthed earlier! While the Diva twisted in disbelief, Lola exercised her wickedly playful streak by removing the heels she'd donned along with a short black dress, then teasing her bound enemy with her naked feet! Seated behind her catsuited toy, the crazed beauty raised her legs around Diva's neck and laughed maniacally -- but Lola's moment of mastery ended abruptly when she was surprised by her rescuer! He'd saved her from the Diva, but had an agenda of his own, one that would be profitable only to himself!

Former friends turned enemies, Dangerous Diva and Lola Pearl sat next to each other on the rug, both subdued by rope and exchanging hateful stares above the duct-tape muffling their voices! A glint of humor appeared in the Diva's eyes as she watched barefoot Lola's dress ride up above her waist to expose frilly black panties during her vigorous contortions. But the bound and gagged burglar knew she had no reason to gloat -- she'd been stalked and defeated by this stranger who would be the only winner in the high-stakes game they'd been playing. After he left with the prize that should have been hers, the enraged Diva's exertions freed her from his ropework; perhaps recalling a long- lost friendship, Lola hopefully gestured for her own release. Too much enmity had been nourished over the years, however, so the Dangerous One instead linked one of her castoff ropes between Lola's ankles and arms to fold her protesting rival's legs closer to her body! While the Diva raced off to pursue her mysterious foe, Lola writhed and moaned in bondage that would have been unimaginable when she chatted so confidently on the phone mere hours earlier!

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