Thrift Store Break-In

Release Date: Sep.11.2017
Running Time: 0:51:16
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Nina Skye, Scarlett Sage

Nina Skye did her friend a favor by covering her job at a thrift store. But the pretty office-worker did herself no favor because she was the only one left at the store when it was invaded by a hooded man on a mission! Nina ran, but the intruder chased her down, bound and gagged her, then brusquely explained that he was taking over the store as a convenient location for a profitable assignment he'd been given. Another young lady in bondage would soon be joining them, brought by his partner who'd just snatched her; until then, he sneered, Nina could relax on the floor! Relaxation, of course, was the last thing on Nina's mind as she rolled around in bondage, murmuring anxiously through the tape covering her mouth and kicking up her stockinged feet.

Only a few miles away, petite Scarlett Sage was resting after along day at the office when her nap was rudely interrupted. Trussed up in her bra and panties, Scarlett squirmed tape-gagged on her stomach, her ankles tethered to her bed's metal frame while the woman responsible for her bondage chatted casually on the phone with her partner! She was shocked to learn that her troubled boyfriend was deeply in debt to a dangerous man and that she'd be held until he came out of hiding and paid it off! While her captor was distracted, Scarlett loosened the tether, but when she tried to hop off the bed she was caught and her bare feet roped closer to her body!

When Scarlett was taken to the thrift-store that would be her new home, she joined Nina in apprehensive submission. With her sweater, skirt and pantyhose removed, Nina sat roped to a wooden chair in her bra and panties while Scarlett was secured in a chair next to her. Trapped in a vicious scheme, the bound and gagged young women eyed each other in alarm while listening to the evil pair casually discuss their plans, then slowly leaned closer to each other and tugged carefully at the ropes binding each other's wrists! When the hooded man noticed their awkward contortions, he put an end to the innocent girls' feeble efforts by turning the chairs until they were face-to-face.

Time to get the message out -- wherever he was hiding, Scarlett's boyfriend would soon receive unsettling images on his phone that depicted his young lady standing tightly bound in nothing but her panties and mouthing a ball- gag while a sinister-looking character issued a dire warning! Although she was just along for this very rough ride, Nina trembled as she balanced barefoot nearby in a similar plight. While the despicable hired help awaited a response, they lowered Nina and Scarlett to the floor, where they huddled pathetically next to each other!

As the hours passed with no response, the criminal pair grew impatient and it was Scarlett and Nina who bore the brunt of their frustration. Stripped naked, gagged with duct-tape, and tautly roped, they were dumped on a mattress in the corner, where their panicky contortions supplied entertainment for the cold- hearted couple! When word at last arrived from their client that Scarlett's boyfriend had surfaced, the successful malefactors hit the road but release wasn't in the cards for her or Nina; instead, they received a pair of hogties as their nasty final gift!

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