Bondage, Well Earned

Release Date: Jul.16.2018
Running Time: 0:40:33
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lily Adams, Harmony Wonder

Lily Adams made a bad mistake when she sold some of her wealthy boyfriend's collectibles to settle a debt. So Lily did what any rational person would do under the circumstances -- she asked her friend Harmony Wonder to tie her up so she could pretend there'd been a robbery! But the scheme unravelled when Harmony's amateurish ropework failed to convince Lily's guy, who decided some genuine bondage discipline was in order. After they'd been securely tied and tape-gagged in their tight tops and shorts, the petite pals sat dazed and confused on a couch, squirming in ropework far too restrictive for their small bodies to dislodge. Slipping onto the floor, the barefoot girls continued their unequal battle against the angry man's bondage!

Was it possible that Lily's boyfriend was looking for an excuse to exercise his rigging skills on her and hot little Harmony? Whatever the case may be, the punishment for their deception escalated when they were bound naked and ball-gagged! Curled up together on the hardwood floor, Harmony and Lily took turns sitting back and using their bare toes in futile attempts to evict the ball-gags. When they also failed to loosen the ropes confining them, the desperate pair rolled onto their sides and slowly wriggled toward the front door. There they sat side-by-side as lithe Lily stretched her legs up to engage the doorknob with her feet; success followed, but so did bitter disappointment!

A pair of bare-skinned dishes, Lily and Harmony lay cunningly- roped and tape-gagged next to each other on the dining-table! Tugging on wrists bound in front only served to tighten the crotch-ropes arranged between their legs, while their bare feet were annoyed by toe-ties. Their mobility was limited by the table's narrow margins, but as the frustrated girls whimpered behind duct-tape, they carefully tested the invasive bonds and kicked up their feet until they were pinned down by tethers to the table-legs.

Lily's domineering boyfriend graciously allowed the subjects of his behavioral outrage to clothe themselves but freedom from restraint was still out of the question. The unhappy friends were perched on red metal stools, Harmony in a peach-colored dress, her bondage accentuated by an elbow- tie; Lily clad in a tight multi-colored dress, wrists and ankles rope- linked under the stool. Both were cleave-gagged -- until the vindictive man's final twist lowered them onto the floor, tape-gagged and hogtied! Arching on the hardwood, Lily undoubtedly regretted her deception -- also her choice of a boyfriend -- while Harmony wondered if it might be time for a new friend. 

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