Bound And Gagged In Blouse And Skirt

Release Date: Jan.30.2017
Running Time: 0:48:59
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Alexis Ferreira, Kylie Page, Jenna Sativa, Misty Lovelace, Britney Amber, Ryan Ryans

Just because an exotic beauty dressed in black quietly slipped into a room and began a suspicious search didn't prove that she was a spy -- but in Alexis Ferreira's case, espionage was indeed her vocation! Alexis, however, was not as cautious as an operative in her hazardous field should be, which is why the sizzling brunette wound up writhing on the floor, her body oppressed by white rope and her lips spread by a white cloth gag! When she believed the man who trapped her was briefly distracted, Alexis kicked off her shoes and wriggled toward the door, but was soon returned to her starting place, her legs restricted by additional ropework and her pert breasts brazenly revealed! 

When curvy little blonde Kylie Page tried to phone her friend Jenna Sativa and warn her against dealing with a dishonest man, the angry crook responded with rope and tape! Jenna was only minutes away, so he hid the bound and gagged Kylie under a blanket behind the couch on which Jenna would be seated! The hasty solution failed to fool astute businesswoman Jenna, of course, so when she discovered her friend in bondage, the desperate conman gave her the same ropework treatment. As Kylie and Jenna squirmed next to each other on the floor, he tried to salvage what he could from the busted deal; as a final expression of his annoyance before splitting, the nasty character exposed their breasts.

Petite Misty Lovelace was an adorable presence in her pink sweater, white skirt and shiny pink heels; unfortunately for Misty, she was also garbed in white rope tightened around her chest, arms and legs, while a knotted black gag stifled her speech! The innocent pawn of corporate intrigue, Misty was being held in bondage on a bed while tense negotiations occurred. As the hours passed and Misty's futile struggles continued, her heartless hosts couldn't resist baring her breasts and feet! 

Sexy secretary Britney Amber made the serious mistake of boasting at the office about company secrets she'd discovered. To convince Britney that her loose lips were a problem that couldn't be ignored, those lips were sealed with duct tape and her voluptuous body bound with rope and pinned to a chair! As Britney listened to a stern lecture, she twisted apprehensively; her anxiety naturally increased after her impressive breasts burst through her pinstriped blouse.

When her obsessive admirer finally caught up with beautiful Ryan Ryans, he placed her standing in bondage next to her desk. Tethered to the desk with a link from the ropes coiled around her tight blue blouse, Ryan balanced anxiously on open-toed heels as her mouth was stuffed with cloth held in place by a gag tightened over her lips! Despite her indignant whimpered protests, Ryan's blouse was opened so that her amazing breasts thrust between their rope embrace, to the delight of the enthralled man observing her struggles!

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