Bondage Mystery At The Old House!

Release Date: Jan.30.2017
Running Time: 0:57:25
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Amarna Miller, Ella Nova

Amarna Miller and Ella Nova had their hands full trying to settle into the century-old house they'd rented near downtown Los Angeles. So when Ella received a phone call inquiring about old films supposedly hidden in the house, she brusquely denied any knowledge regarding the films and suggested that the agitated caller look elsewhere. But he wasn't giving up that easily, as Amarna discovered when she was about to leave for work the next day. Seized by a masked figure, she twisted in shock as her wrists were bound behind her and a knotted cloth tied between her lips! After coiling ropes around Amarna's chest, the intruder seated her on a couch, tied her ankles together, then demanded to know where the films were hidden. When the wide-eyed girl shook her head, he pulled off her shoes and ruthlessly tickled Amarna's naked soles; when she still mumbled her ignorance, the obsessed man pushed her onto the couch, where she lay struggling while he wandered about the house in search of his prize. Still frustrated, he returned to carry off Amarna and hide her, then waited for Ella to appear!

Ella received the same rude treatment as her housemate and quickly found herself in the same alarming situation after the man she'd dismissed on the phone harshly questioned her about the films. Like Amarna, she murmured her bewilderment past a knotted cleave-gag and like Amarna, she felt the intensive agitation of his fingernails on her bare soles and squealed while twisting in the ropework with which he'd secured her! When he left her bound and gagged on the couch, Ella nursed the hope that he'd departed once it was clear that she and Amarna possessed no secret knowledge. But within minutes he was back to sweep her up in his arms for a reunion with Amarna! 

If Ella and Amarna had any doubts about the seriousness of their plight or the masked man's determination to leave with what he came for, they disappeared along with the innocent young women's clothing! Stripped to their panties, they huddled next to each other in the corner of a right-angled couch; both were gagged with duct-tape and tightly bound. They were both mystified by the loud noises resounding throughout the house until they realized that the crazed man was testing the walls and floors as he searched for the hiding place of his films! Since he was obviously distracted, the housemates edged back-to-back and attempted to loosen their respective wrist bonds, but were far from success when their oppressor took a break from his task and caught them. His cold voice ordered them to cease their attempts to escape and lie on their stomachs facing away from each other! 

Convinced that Amarna and Ella were holding out on him, the paranoid film- seeker tried a different approach. When they still were unable to supply the answers he wanted, Ella was untied, but the sweet little redhead was bound naked and ball-gagged, then placed on the couch with her friend seated behind her. To their horror, Ella was ordered to fondle Amarna's breasts and squeeze her nipples; she initially refused but finally submitted, then followed his orders to tickle the ultra-sensitive girl's ribs and feet! Amarna's humiliation peaked after a reluctant Ella's fingers stroked her pussy while the disturbed man watched impatiently, certain that one of the unfortunate pair would ultimately reward his despicable strategy with the the films' location.

Even though Amarna's harrowing experience had brought him no new information, the hard-hearted man arrranged a role reversal. With a nude Ella rendered powerless and ball-gagged, it was Amarna's distasteful turn to fondle, tickle and spank her writhing housemate! But when the implacable character urged Ella to think hard and give him the answer that would permit him to end her ordeal, the outcome was different from what it had been earlier. After her gag was removed, Ella gasped that she recalled a small grate located in the corner of the basement...could something be hidden there? 

Before he went exploring in the basement, the ungrateful man deposited Ella and Amarna on a mattress in Ella's bedroom; gagged with duct tape once again, the naked housemates were restrictively folded on their hips by rope-links between their waists and ankles! When he emerged from the basement, his manic search had ended in success so Amarna and Ella were soon freed of his merciless presence. But not of their bondage, because for his final mean-spirited act, he left the unlucky girls arching hogtied, their toe-tied bare feet raised high above their heads!

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