Ashley And Riley's Bondage Collection Combat

Release Date: Feb.12.2018
Running Time: 0:56:23
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Ashley Lane, Riley Reyes

Their shocking encounter began as a perfectly civil conversation, with attorney Riley Reyes requesting access for her client to a fabled Collection curated by Ashley Lane. The tension between them grew, however, when Ashley responded condescendingly and handed Riley a multi-page application for the client to complete before he would even be considered for access. The frustrated lawyer departed peacefully but returned much more swiftly than Ashley expected, then stuffed a cloth wad in her mouth and tied her hands behind her back! Once her opponent sat bound and gagged in a chair, Riley opened several of the boxes surrounding Ashley's desk to reveal their contents -- classic bondage magazines of the ancient pre-internet era! Perhaps inspired by their contents, Riley fondled Ashley's bare breasts before placing her on the floor. As the trussed-up curator struggled on her side, Riley sat in the chair and used her as a footstool while calling her client with good news about the Collection's accessibility! After slipping off her heels, Riley passed the time waiting for the client's arrival by dominating intimidated Ashley with her bare feet!

Ashley's floor-level humiliation ended once she stood carefully balancing on her stocking-feet but Riley was far from finished with her ball-gagged prey! First teasing her nipples, then menacing her vulnerable feet with spike heels, Riley grew more daring and raised Ashley's pencil skirt high enough to reveal a pantieless pussy under the hose! While the hapless girl whimpered, aroused Riley administered a massage between the legs that clearly brought more pleasure to her than Ashley! Later, hogtied on her desk, the slender official squealed as the thrill-seeking attorney tickled her sensitive stockinged soles; when Riley received another call indicating that her client would be delayed, she assured him that she would have no difficulty keeping herself occupied until he arrived!

But Mistress Riley's reign was cut short when Ashley's associate at the Collection unexpectedly appeared to transfer her rope web to the kinky blonde lawyer's body! Mouthing the ball-gag she'd provided for Ashley, an apprehensive Riley stood squirming under the vengeful hands that tweaked her exposed nipples! Ashley's lips played over her bound tormentor's breasts and her heels hovered over Riley's immobilized bare feet, but the formerly meek curator most obviously relished taking her seat on the desk and extending her long legs down to the floor where Riley lay prostrated as she had! The stockinged feet that Riley had tantalized now pressed against her face and breasts before slipping between her legs!

Unfortunately for Ashley, she forgot that Riley's client was on the way, so her freedom from bondage ended abruptly. Stripped naked, she sat bound on a mattress jammed into a corner of the Collection's establishment; when she tried to reason with the unsympathetic man, he thrust cloth into her mouth and sealed it in place with duct-tape! Ashley strained pathetically against her bonds until she was surprised by the arrival of Riley, who'd been fired by her dissatisfied client. A striking sight in red bra and panties, the indignant attorney was pushed onto the mattress next to Ashley and her ankles roped together to complete her bondage; he silenced her protests with the same materials used on Ashley! Dazed by their plight, the two powerless women twisted in futility and folded their bodies next to each other until they were pinned together kneeling face-to-face! A man exhilarated by his exposure to the Bondage Collection was discovering the thrill of experimenting with rope!

What next for Ashley and Riley? Both were intelligent young women who understood that the outlook was bleak for tightly-bound and tape-gagged nudes sitting several feet above the floor on cafeteria tables. Contorting cautiously because of their precarious position, they still refused to accept the mastery of this disturbed man but were unable to free themselves before he foreshadowed the climax of his devious campaign against them. After tossing two decades-old magazines onto the tables, he laughed while warning Ashley not to expect any help from her associate because she was tied up in a closet down the hall! Of more direct concern to the rope-subdued women was the title shared by those magazines: HOGTIED. With good reason, because that was the position Riley and Ashley shared while arching lengthwise on their respective tables, a conclusion to their interaction impossible to foresee when they first met politely several hours earlier!

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