Hot! Helpless! Hogtied!

Release Date: Feb.12.2018
Running Time: 0:45:21
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ryan Ryans, Celeste Rasmussen, Maya Kendrick, Alex Blake

Damsels don't get much more distressed than Miss Ryan Ryans, a country hottie cornered, tied and gagged by a hooded villain! The powerless pawn of an extortion plot, barefoot Ryan was a stunning sight in her denim shorts and skimpy red top as she sat straining against ropework that refused to loosen and murmured anxiously through a bandanna-gag! Demure Ryan glared angrily at the mean- spirited plotter after her breasts were bared, then completed the heroine-in-jeopardy experience when her dynamite body was folded into a hogtie on a nearby futon!

Delicate blonde Celeste Rasmussen was on the run -- but not for long. Trapped by a stalker, Celeste stood in front of her fireplace, ropes tightly coiled around her tight blue nighty, a ball-gag whose color matched her garment spreading her lips! After the petite girl was moved onto a coffee-table, she curled up bare- breasted until her restraint was climaxed by a hogtie! The ball-gag replaced by tape, Celeste arched under the eyes of the intruder, her slender toe-tied bare feet hitched close to her hands!

It was bad enough when a desperada on the run commandeered cheerleader Maya Kendrick's uniform, much worse for tall and slender Maya when her nude body was secured with rope and her mouth was filled with a ball-gag! Her ankles tethered to the headboard of her bed and bare feet toe-tied, Maya squirmed on her stomach until a hogtie further diminished her mobility! But the wide-eyed cheerleader poured all her indignant energy into rolling around on the bed, a naked innocent trapped in bondage!

Alex Blake's Christmas spirit drastically deflated when she was surprised and tied up while preparing for a party. Her green elf costume accentuated by white rope, Alex sat blindfolded in a wooden chair; a red ball-gag completed the holiday color- scheme that the unfortunate girl was unable to enjoy! Left on top of the dining table after her strappy sandals were removed, barefoot Alex lost her blindfold but retained the ball-gag that caused her to drool while straining against her bondage!

Her eyes pled compellingly for release above the black tape sealing her lips, but the shady character responsible for trussing up busty Ashly Anderson in her pink sleep-shirt was unmoved. At first, Ashly sat on her bed and cautiously tested the bonds subduing her, but as the urge to rid herself of the oppressive rope web grew, her contortions grew more desperate and she rolled onto her side! Her determination to escape, however, was negated by the additional rope linking her bound ankles to the coils around her chest; as the hogtied girl writhed on her stomach, her toe-tied bare feet arched high above her pink bottom!

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