Journalist Of The Year

Release Date: Feb.25.2019
Running Time: 0:48:8
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Kendra James, Anny Aurora

Everything was falling into place for Tabitha Sinclair (Kendra James), who'd gone from fringe sports reporting to cutting-edge fashion journalism. In a few moments, she'd be interviewing Anny Aurora, a rising European designer -- or she would have been if an Anny- obsessed stalker hadn't drastically interfered with her plans. Tightly tied in her jacket and skirt, her mouth cloth-stuffed and duct-taped by the psycho, Tabitha twisted strenuously in her office-chair while he prepared to welcome the unsuspecting visitor. The courageous journalist responded to her bound and gagged plight with all the tenacity that had marked her career; her legs freed, Tabitha raced to warn Anny -- but all the courage she could muster was insufficient to derail his sinister scheme!

While Tabitha struggled in bondage, the disturbed man happily entertained Anny, who seemed to enjoy the conversation -- until a tape-gagged face and rope-clad body appeared at the nearby glass door! His plan upended, the pleasant fellow turned predator, first seizing the astonished Anny, then relegating her to captivity with Tabitha. Chair-tied side-by-side, they made a colorful pair, Tabitha's red blouse coiled with rope and Anny's sleeveless blue top similarly secured. The pretty blonde designer's objections received the same cloth and tape suppression as her would-be interviewer; both writhed with increasing energy after their breasts were exposed by the crazed man. The anxious new acquaintances later challenged their formidable bonds on the floor, where Anny's shiny lace-up boots contrasted with Tabitha's spike-heeled strappy sandals.

Revelling in his control of two beautiful women, the increasingly unbalanced intruder deprived Anny and Tabitha of their clothing before confining them to a glass- enclosed shower-stall. Standing bound and naked, murmuring through their white cleave-gags, they moved about carefully in the limited space, occasionally raising up on their bare feet and pressing their faces and breasts against the glass walls as they sought a way to escape. At last Anny was able to lean against the stall's door, which slowly opened -- but a familiar face was there to greet her.

Two nudes arching hogtied on a bed, their efforts to communicate limited by maddening tape-gags -- neither Anny or Tabitha could have imagined this uncomfortable and humiliating experience when the day began. They were released from their body-bowing restraint only so that the hard-working villain could take a nap on the bed; back on the floor again, intensive resistance to ropework finally succeeded -- but only for Tabitha, who ran off alone with the promise that she'd return with help to release Anny.

Despite Tabitha's promise, Anny remained under the thumb of the man who awoke to find that his bound pair had been reduced by 50%. Understandably apprehensive, the lovely designer had at least been allowed to clothe herself in a knitted grey romper before submitting to ropework again. Anny sat tied in a chair at the new location where she'd been moved and wore an over-mouth cloth gag. Edging cautiously off the chair, the barefoot girl knelt briefly, then sat on the floor unsuccessfully testing her strength against knotted ropes. Would Tabitha keep that promise and come through for Anny? 

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