What Happened To Angelina?

Release Date: Feb.25.2019
Running Time: 0:44:59
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Angelina Diamante, Sophia Leone

Angelina Diamante was napping on her bed under a blanket when a hooded figure suddenly loomed above her and pressed his hand over her mouth. Moments later, the long-legged brunette was wide awake and seated against the headboard, her skimpy black nighty outlined with white rope. After she refused the disguised man's demand for a computer drive, he gagged her with mouth-stuffing and duct-tape, then left the confused captive trapped in bondage while he searched her house. Later, her breasts bared, Angelina twisted awkwardly on her side and waited for the menacing intruder to leave...but he wasn't going anywhere!

Although Angelina was allowed to dress in a black blouse and skirt, she was snared once again in rope while seated in a chair; her continued defiance was answered with a knotted black cloth tied between her lips. Intimidation inevitably followed, as the slender beauty's impressively full breasts emerged from a rope web that had been strengthened by coils pinning her to the chair. As soon as he removed her high-heeled sandals, the mysterious man briefly tickled her bare soles but despite the discomfort, Angelina frustrated his expectations again.

Leaving Angelina bound and gagged, the implacable evildoer enlisted an associate in an operation designed to put unbearable pressure on her -- the taking of her half-sister Sophia Leone! The dark-haired little student tried to hide but was seized and tied by the hooded man while his cold-hearted partner stuffed cloth in Sophia's mouth and assured her silence with duct-tape. Tightly-trussed in her dark jacket, blouse and plaid skirt, barefoot Sophia was a heart-rending sight as she sat on a wooden chest, straining hopelessly at the ropes that oppressed her lithe body. She timidly swung her feet onto the floor but remained a helpless pawn in this vicious contest.

The news that Sophia had fallen into the clutches of such a ruthless man stunned Angelina, but for some reason she found it hard to explain, she still couldn't bring herself to surrender the drive. The consequence for her stubbornness was bondage that secured naked Angelina standing to her bedpost, lips spread by a knotted white cleave. Rising high on her bare toes, the tall prisoner contended against restraint that was too strong for her, then faced defeat when her gloating nemesis appeared with the drive he'd managed to dig out of its hiding place. Even though Angelina was released from the post, she was still controlled by rope as she sat on the floor.

The ruthless winner of this shameful game couldn't resist subjecting Angelina to a final dose of restrictive ropework, so she sat back against the bed's headboard where her ordeal had begun. No longer nude, Angelina wore a bright green top and tight denim shorts; her hands were raised overhead by a rope-link to an horizontal metal bar and she was gagged with microfoam tape. She kicked her legs up angrily when her bust was predictably exposed but those long legs would soon be folded tight against her bottom when a hogtie concluded this one-sided battle against bondage. Bright eyes wide, dark hair flowing and bare feet toe-tied, Angelina tried to remember a time when she wasn't enslaved by knots. 

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