Secret Agent Training Methods

Release Date: Sep.24.2018
Running Time: 0:45:35
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Emma Starletto, Michele James

Novice agent Emma Starletto's supervisor outlined the training session he was about to initiate: She would be bound and gagged, then another newcomer, Michele James, would be allowed entrance to the room; her response to Emma's plight would determine whether or not Michele passed the test. Once the slender blonde sat securely roped on a sofa, he stuffed cloth in her mouth and gagged her with duct-tape, then encouraged her to struggle as if she were truly in jeopardy. Emma followed his orders zealously and writhed on the sofa until Michele appeared. Stunned by her colleague's bondage, the bespectacled brunette immediately attempted to remove her gag -- an erroneous response that was curbed when the supervisor seized her! Her correct action was to carefully surveil the area before freeing Emma; as a result, Michele was disciplined with rope.

Following the supervisor's orders, Emma administered mouth- stuffing and duct- tape to the trussed-up Michele as she sat on a leather recliner. Emma's reaction to her busty colleague's writhing, however, veered off the training session's protocol; after removing Michele's glasses and baring her rope-framed breasts, the horny blonde sat on the chair-arm and eagerly fondled the shocked girl, then knelt to lick her nipples! Once her own breasts were liberated from her dress, Emma straddled Michele so she could press them against the bound and gagged captive. Emma was so thrilled by her conquest, however, that she failed to hear the supervisor's return; angered by her unprofessional behavior, he decreed nude bondage for both!

Challenged to escape from difficult restraint, Emma and Michele sat side-by-side in wooden chairs, their naked bodies webbed in rope and their lips spread by white cloth gags. Their bound ankles tethered to the chair legs, the two aspiring agents gave their best efforts but failed at an assignment that was about to become even more physically and emotionally strenuous. When their legs were spread wide and pinned to the back of the chair, the embarrassed pair strained awkwardly in full awareness that their pussies had been unfairly put on display.

The unconventional training session continued after Michele and Emma were freed from their rope web only to have their hands tied behind their backs. Tape- gagged but with their legs unbound, they were ordered to move about the area in search of an escape route. Later, they lay struggling with their ankles tied but the path to freedom for Emma and Michele was seriously compromised when this exercise concluded with hogties that left them arching on the floor!

Relieved of rope but bound and gagged with microfoam tape, the weary agents-in- training were given a final chance to demonstrate their ability to escape a threatening situation. Emma and Michele slowly edged their nude bodies across the carpet where they were seated toward the door that promised to be their exit from bondage. event. But one last disappoint awaited them when they reached the door and failed to open it; huddling together, they waited to receive the final grades for their participation in this problematic training session. 

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