Bondage-Prone Sexy Investigators

Release Date: Sep.24.2018
Running Time: 0:45:58
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Shay Ruskin, Emily Willis

Although undercover investigator Shay Ruskin is being held in bondage, she refuses to accept her powerless condition. Tied up in her halter top and jeans, barefoot Shay hops around as she looks for a way to escape before slipping onto a sofa. There she strains furiously against the unyielding rope-work before curling up in the corner of the sofa, where she's confronted by her captor. After he pulls down her over-mouth gag, Shay spits out cloth stuffing and defiantly informs the gloating man that she's not intimidated -- after all, she's experienced more harrowing encounters with ropes and gags!

Grabbed during an earlier operation that went south, Shay sat on a bed in a short pink sundress and high-heeled sandals. Trapped in rope-work that rendered her arms powerless and folded her legs with a waist-ankle tether, Shay protested until a hooded man gagged her with a black knotted cleave. As she twisted back and forth battling her bondage, the feisty undercover girl rolled onto her side, then finally managed to free her hands, grab her phone and call for help!

After recounting her previous bondage drama, Shay tells her opponent the sad story of a newcomer to her PI firm who wasn't as tough and resourceful as she was. Emily Willis ran into trouble almost immediately and became the subject of an interrogation that locked her into wooden stocks and exposed her bare soles to tickling that later moved to her underarms! Later, her dress stripped off, tape-gagged Emily wriggled as her slender naked body was tantalized with an electronic toothbrush.

Shaken by her first undercover operation, Emily did return for another assignment but the results were no better. Disguised as a plaid-skirt-wearing student, the pretty brunette had her cover blown quickly, then found herself bound and gagged once more. Emily sat on the edge of a square platform, her ankles tethered and eyes wide above the cloth tied over her mouth; before long, the novice investigator's breasts were bared! After her gag was replaced with tape, Emily's restraint was accentuated with a hogtie that raised her bare feet high above her bound wrists! Once she was rescued, Emily concluded that she was not suited for the PI profession and tendered her resignation.

Shay emphasized that she was made of tougher stuff than Emily, recounting another adventure that placed her in a bind. Playing the role of a bikini model, Shay was exposed and roped to a wooden post; when she continued to maintain her innocence, a ball-gag was strapped between her lips. During her indignant writhings, the top of Shay's tight blue bikini gave way to the thrusting of her ample breasts, whose rope- framed nudity delighted the operatives who'd seized her!

Although he was intrigued by Shay's reminiscences, her captor decided that the time for talking was over. After she was ordered to strip, the intrepid investigator was trussed up, tape- gagged and relegated to a shabby corner, where her contortions loosened the ropes around her legs. Shay moved about carefully and tried to find an unlocked door to slip through but was caught by the annoyed man, who assured her co-operation by leaving her hogtied on the carpeted floor! 

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