Sophie Sparks Is Bound And Gagged For Christmas

Release Date: Dec.30.2019
Running Time: 0:46:10
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sophie Sparks

The Christmas party was always a highlight of the year for Sophie Sparks but before she could enjoy the festivities, the lovely blonde would have to provide entertainment for an intruder with mysterious motives. Trussed-up on the sofa in her tight plaid top and skirt, Sophie countered the unfamiliar sensation of rope tightly knotted around her body by struggling, while murmuring anxiously through the white cloth tied between her bright red lips. After her shoes were removed, Sophie was folded barefoot on the couch by a waist- ankle link, then her top was raised to expose her breasts. Humiliated by her restrictive plight, the helpless girl lowered her head onto the couch and strained pathetically against her bonds.

Sophie's encounter with bondage continued once she was required to make a costume change into eye-catching red bra and panties. The skimpily clad beauty was gagged with a knotted black cloth and sat bound and writhing in a chair before the towering Christmas tree; Sophie's mobility was limited by ropes linking both her crossed ankles and upper body to the back of the chair. But the baffled subject of this inscrutable visitor tugged vigorously at the ropework confining her and displayed understandable indignation after her breasts were bared again.

From in front of the tree to below it, Sophie was packaged in a gleaming green nighty and relegated to a small rectangular space carved out of the floor. A duct-tape gag sealed her alluring lips but accentuated eyes that expressively communicated her apprehension at the bewildering series of bondages to which she'd been subjected. Seated against a low wall, the frustrated captive twisted back and forth, raised her bare feet against the opposing wall, then tried to exit the small space by edging on her bottom up a short staircase. Sophie's escape was inevitably thwarted and her restraint emphasized by a tether between waist and ankles that left her squirming on her hip as she looked up at the sinister admirer watching from above.

Although Sophie was moved to her bedroom, the ever-present ropework and a microfoam tape-gag made it impossible for her to attain any comfort in those familiar surroundings. Not to mention her nudity, of which Sophie was intensely conscious as she rolled around while desperately attempting to loosen the knots curtailing her freedom. Breasts, bottom, pussy -- all were on vivid display during the contortions that left her limbs controlled by rope; curling up on her side in a near-fetal position, Sophie wordlessly accepted her subjugation.

Still naked, Sophie knelt in another restrictive pattern of rope on a small lounge; a brazen black tape-gag contrasted starkly with her pink flesh. As she maneuvered carefully on her knees, Sophie sensed that the submissive position she'd been compelled to adopt was merely the prologue to a more drastic example of domination. Sophie's intuition was confirmed when she was lowered onto her stomach so that, with wrists hitched to ankles, the enticing nude made the unwelcome acquaintance of a hogtie. Courageous despite the daunting odds against her, Sophie arched strenuously as she flexed her bare soles, then rolled onto her side in the lounge's cramped space. Not the Christmas she would have ever envisioned -- so what could possibly explain that sparkle in her eye?

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