Stella Cox Taped

Release Date: Mar.06.2017
Running Time: 0:45:44
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Stella Cox

When journalist Stella Cox went after an intriguing story without waiting for backup, she was plunged into a dark world of tape-bondage! Grabbed soon after entering the mysterious location, Stella was pinned with black tape around her wrists and ankles to a metal post high above the floor. Several strips of the black tape also sealed Stella's lips as she twisted on high heels in her decorative top and short dark skirt. After tight ropes were coiled around her chest, the towering villain toyed with Stella by pulling up her skirt and lowering her panties!

The enterprising reporter fervently wished she could turn back the clock as she lay naked on a couch, her limbs subdued by the same white tape that covered her mouth! Stella struggled frantically, rolling from her side to her stomach, but remained in taped restraint. When the ominous figure returned, he wasted no time in raising Stella's legs so he could hungrily mouth her soft bare feet, then had her sit up for some friendly breast-fondling! 

Stella was no sooner released from one bondage than she was placed in another as duct tape held her arms behind her back and secured her ankles. A duct- tape gag muffled Stella's calls for help as she writhed naked and powerless on a bed covered by a garish sheet! Her ample breasts moving rhythmically, the nude journalist lay on her back to kick up her bare feet, then rolled on her stomach and strained futilely against the tape. After watching in satisfaction while Stella struggled, her host continued to play his mischievous game by raising her onto her feet and ordering her to stand in place.

Shifted to a dark corner, Stella stood once again against a brick wall, her voluptuous body accentuated by the coils of microfoam tape above and below her breasts! Although the desperate naked beauty squirmed in the shadows and whimpered through her tape-gag, she was no match for the sticky fabric embracing her. When Stella sank onto her knees, her submission was more than symbolic!

Stella's lesson in the perils of impulsiveness concluded when she was taken to a forbidding dungeon and mounted on a leg-spreading apparatus! Her ankles taped separately to metal stirrups and her wrists secured above her head, Stella's eyes were wide with alarm above her colorful tape-gag. She wriggled in disbelief in the latest and most humiliating in the crazed man's baffling series of restraints, and yet another followed when Stella was transferred to a wooden X-cross, where she stood and waited for a rescue that was seriously overdue!

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