Business Bondage Battle

Release Date: Mar.06.2017
Running Time: 0:48:23
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Ella Nova, Alexis Ferreira, Nina North, Indica James, Ivy Jones

Gorgeous but greedy Alexis Ferreira grabbed innocent Ella Nova to use as a pawn in her embezzling scheme but the sight of Ella struggling in bondage diverted her from business to pleasure! Standing bound to a bed in a tight white blouse, short skirt and heeled sandals, Ella mouthed a knotted cleave, until predatory Alexis removed it, then replaced it with mouth- stuffing and duct-tape! After her blouse was opened and shoes removed, Ella writhed anxiously as Alexis teased her bare breasts and ordered her to stand on tiptoe in her stockinged feet! Then the aroused woman tugged up Ella's skirt and eagerly massaged her pantyhosed pussy; Alexis savored her control of the bound and gagged girl...but she was about to receive an unwelcome surprise! 

Alexis had called her boss with the shocking news that Ella was the embezzler but he was skeptical. So when he showed up to find the supposed bad girl struggling in bondage while the informer toyed with her body, it was easy for him to recognize the truth. Soon it was Alexis confined in rope on the bed while the vengeful Ella zestfully jammed cloth in her mouth and sealed it in place with duct-tape! Assertively straddling her bound body, Ella fondled the stunned Alexis, then pulled off her heels and vigorously tickled her bare soles! After pulling up her sweater, Ella also paid back the breast-fondling to which Alexis had subjected her with interest before leaving the frustrated schemer to squirm alone on the bed! 

Secretary Nina North made the very bad decision to help her boyfriend rob the office safe. To deflect suspicion, Nina's wrists and ankles were sloppily tied and she was gagged with a white cloth; when rescue arrived, she'd play the poor little bound and gagged damsel! But the "rescuer" turned out to be her guy's actual partner and when the double-cross was complete, Nina sat on her desk, much more securely bound and tape- gagged!

Alluring office-worker Indica James couldn't imagine what she'd done to deserve bondage that left her kneeling tethered to a bed's headboard but apparently someone believed she deserved strict discipline! As time passed, Indica's pink blouse was opened to expose her breasts, her glistening heels slipped off her small stockinged feet and her cleave-gag was replaced by tape. Indica's mysterious ordeal concluded after she was lowered from knees to stomach and placed in a hogtie that kept her stubbornly confined despite intensive struggling! 

Ivy Jones proved her amateur sleuthing skills by uncovering a major art theft, but neglected to watch out for the thieves. That's why the willowy little blonde was unable to contact the police with her information; instead she sat on an old wooden trunk, her small body secured with rope and her glistening lips spread by a knotted black gag! When Ivy became too animated, her shoes were removed and she was seated in the trunk, where her small body was later folded so that she lay on her side, her eyes wide with disbelief at her plight!

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