Grab And Bind Of Tali Dova: It's The Tali Show

Release Date: Mar.06.2017
Running Time: 0:46:36
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Tali Dova

Revealing the many sides of Tali Dova is much easier once she's bound and gagged! 

Tali looks adorable as she sits bound on a lounge in a pastel blue chemise and panties; a white cleave spreads her lips and glasses balance on her nose. But it's Tali's slender, toe-tied bare feet that become the center of attention after she's introduced by a hooded impresario. Emphatically dissatisfied with her starring role, Tali murmurs indignantly through her gag and kicks up her feet to reveal a pair of fresh, soft soles. Once she's hogtied, those enticing foot-bottoms wriggle under the hooded man's fingers while the very ticklish Tali squeals and squirms! 

Time to move the focus from Tali's feet to her face as the reluctant performer sits roped to a chair; wearing a tight grey dress, Tali has a few moments to plead for release before her ever-present oppressor stuffs cloth in her mouth and seals it in place with duct tape! The spirited girl twists in the chair while tugging at her ankle tether, but her protests grow quieter when her gag's augmented by several coils of med-wrap stretched over the duct tape. Tali's eyes remain compelling after a black cloth is tied over the tape; their expressiveness is nullified, however, by a blindfold that accentuates her subjugation. 

Tali's wardrobe is drastically diminished to a pair of pink panties and she's tied standing to the stair-railing. An elaborate rope bra leaves no doubt that her perky breasts are the featured aspect of Tali's physique; the fingers that tantalized her soles can't resist beckoning nipples that stiffen under their touch! With clinical precision, the hooded host later wields an ice-chip against Tali's breasts as the tape-gagged beauty noisily expresses her disapproval! A coating of baby oil later adds a glistening touch to Tali's modest but appealing mammaries. 

The disguised master of ceremonies explains Tali's change of circumstances by noting that she's getting behind in her work. Not the most original observation, but obviously correct because the completely naked Tali's now rope-cuffed facing the railing to show off her bottom! Her hind-quarter display really begins to sizzle, though, after the nude starlet's repositioned on the floor with her torso stretched over a small black cube; hands bound behind her back and knees roped to the cube, Tali's powerless to prevent her bottom from glowing under the carefully-calculated whacks of a ping-pong paddle! 

Feet, face, breasts, bottom -- where could this admiring exploration of Tali's bound body possibly end? Tali is in no position to answer the question because she has a ball-gag in her mouth; in fact she's in no position to do much of anything except to sit in that favorite chair with her legs spread and rigorously frogged! If there's any question about the main attraction's location, Tali's triangle-shaped bush points down at her pink pussy with arrow- sharp accuracy! Our heroine's naturally somewhat embarrassed by her exposure, especially after the thoughtful curator of her humiliation switches on a vibrator tied to her leg so that the plastic head performs its duty in just the right spot. Before long, Tali's no longer bothered by her awkward entanglement because she's too busy moaning while her body spasms pleasurably!

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