A Mirror For Bound And Gagged Girls

Release Date: Jan.21.2019
Running Time: 0:51:16
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eliza Ibarra, Harmony Wonder

Curled up comfortably on her couch, innocent Eliza Ibarra had no idea of the storm that was about to break around her. Only when two hooded men surged into her home, then seized and bound her did Eliza's ordeal begin to take shape. After the bewildered girl denied any knowledge of the mirror that seemed to obsess these intruders, mouth- stuffing and duct-tape silenced her while they searched her home. At first Eliza struggled cautiously on the couch, but when it seemed they were ignoring her, she stood up and eyed the nearby door. Before she could even begin her escape, one angry man returned to throw Eliza back onto the couch, then assured her acquiescence by hogtying her. When he and his partner were certain that Eliza didn't have what they wanted, it was time to leave. But they'd discovered a promising lead on her computer, so it was time to visit Harmony Wonder -- and Eliza was coming with them!

Attired in a sparkling red dress and high-heeled sandals, petite Harmony was party-bound when the relentless men ruined her evening. Like Eliza, she was tied hand and foot, then interrogated about the mirror; like Eliza, when Harmony proved unco- operative, she was gagged with cloth stuffing and duct-tape. Seated in a chair and pinned in place with an ankle tether, Harmony twisted anxiously, then edged closer to her laptop in a longshot effort to call for help. The little captive's luck remained lousy, though, so when she was caught, Harmony was more strictly confined to the chair. With her legs folded tight by rope against her upper body, the barefoot sprite could barely move -- until she was freed from the rope web to be carried off for a reunion with Eliza!

Chair-bound side-by-side, Eliza and Harmony talked quietly while they waited for the hooded man to return. Although it became clear that Harmony was familiar with the mirror he was hunting, she continued to plead ignorance when he questioned her. The frustrated thief tape-gagged the helpless friends once again, then threatened dire consequences if they continued to lie. Straining desperately in their bonds once he was gone, Harmony and Eliza failed in their attempts to loosen each other's wrist ropes or peel off their gags but Harmony managed to squirm off her chair. As she edged toward a nearby door, however, the menacing figure appeared in timely fashion and swore to fulfill the threats he'd made moments earlier.

Harmony and Eliza stood naked and shivering after they were stripped, bound and rope- linked to an antique-laden cabinet. The cleave-gagged pair's plight grew more alarming when the cruel man slithered close and sneered as he tweaked their nipples. Suspecting that it was Harmony who was hiding the object of his desire, he rearranged their positions so that she knelt precariously on a chair while Eliza twisted on the floor. The vicious ploy succeeded when Harmony's stressful arrangement sabotaged her resistance and she signaled that she was ready to reveal the mirror's location.

While the triumphant villain accompanied Harmony to retrieve the prize, his partner took charge of Eliza, who was left sitting tape-gagged and naked on the floor with her back against a couch. Harmony soon joined her, then the trussed-up couple writhed hopelessly together until their captor materialized to flaunt the hand-mirror once possessed by Marie Antoinette. After heartlessly urging them to enjoy the reflections of their gagged faces in the mirror, he savored a final addition to their restraint -- as the ruthless men vanished from their lives, Eliza and Harmony arched pathetically in cross-ankle hogties! 

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