Tied Up For Her Own Good

Release Date: Jan.21.2019
Running Time: 0:44:24
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes was a spy-in-training when the unexpected arrival of enemy operatives required swift decision- making by her mentor. Although Riley argued that she could deal with the challenge, the senior operative contended that she simply didn't have the necessary experience; to protect her, he took drastic action. Reasoning that she should be kept out of sight, he deprived Riley of her clothing, then left her bound and gagged with duct-tape in a distant bedroom. The spirited trainee battled with all her strength against the tape bondage as she rolled around on the bed, then tried to slide onto the floor, but additional coils secured around Riley's chest and thighs assured that she'd remain helpless.

The curious contest between the annoyed spy without experience and her busy protector continued after Riley was allowed to dress in a tight top and skirt. Rope-bound and tape- gagged, she was then seated on the floor and hidden behind a table turned on its side. Although she remained under the control of her bondage, Riley's resistance persisted until she kicked over the table. Her success, however,led to waist-ankle rope-linkage that thwarted mobility by folding her legs.

After Riley was returned to nudity, her location was moved once again so that the trussed-up and cleave-gagged girl was hidden at the end of a hallway. Her admirable defiance of the leader's questionable decision was manifested in bare-skinned wriggling along the hardwood floor, interrupted by occasional intervals when Riley curled up on her hip to regain her strength.

The worried supervisor decided that he'd need to move Riley if he was going to keep her safe, so after the protesting nude was bound with rope and cleave-gagged, she was stashed in a shower- stall. Riley still refused to accept her humiliating protection, struggling energetically in the white-tiled enclosure and kicking open the glass door after it was closed. Once she was free of the stall, Riley twisted in the taut ropework, then lay squirming in frustration on the carpet.

With the unwelcome visitors still in the picture, Riley's trainer was running out of places to hide her. So, with the object of his best intentions professionally clad in blouse, skirt, jacket and heels, he led tied and tape- gagged Riley outdoors and stood her against a metal gate at the edge of the property. Hitched to the gate by links from her ankle and chest ropes, Riley was powerless to do anything more than twist back and forth on her heels. When the spymaster returned with the welcome news that the enemies were gone, his bound and gagged trainee was relieved -- but not nearly as grateful for his efforts as he expected. 

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