Break-In Bondage Conflict

Release Date: Jul.29.2019
Running Time: 0:48:16
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Andreina Deluxe, Brooke Haze

Grifter Andreina Deluxe was on the run from the law as well as a partner she'd ripped off so she needed a safe place to stay. She considered several houses before knocking on Brooke Haze's front door and telling her sob- story to the sympathetic girl who invited her in. That's when Andreina overpowered her petite hostess; because she always travelled with rope, poor Brooke soon sat on the floor, tied hand and foot and chewing on a white cloth. With plenty of time on her hands, Andreina amused herself by toying with the bound girl's breasts, then added extra rope to her bondage before replacing her gag with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape. After playing with Brooke's delicate bare feet, the ruthless woman left her hogtied on a couch while she checked out the new location. Her small body bowed by the conwoman's rope web and eyes wide with alarm, Brooke wriggled desperately on her stomach.

Brooke had no chance of freeing herself but when her boyfriend returned home early she was released from her awkward restraint. Then she had the opportunity to extract payback from Andreina, who'd been surprised by the appearance of another player in the game. Once her tormentor sat bound, gagged and barefoot next to the couch, Brooke eagerly fondled Andreina's bare breasts before assertively straddling the powerless intruder so she could plant mocking kisses on her tape-gag. Before leaving to call 911, Brooke reasoned that one good hogtie deserved another so Andreina was left writhing on the floor, her naked soles flexing close to her hands.

Brooke's triumph was short-lived because another unexpected visitor arrived -- determined to retrieve the money she'd stolen from him, Andreina's ex-partner had tracked her down. He was delighted to find his treacherous associate in a bind, then returned Brooke to rope-restraint as well; hastily dressed in blouse and skirt for a job she wouldn't reach that day, the unlucky girl sat trussed-up and tape-gagged on her living-room floor. After interrogating Andreina about the location of his cash, he placed her next to Brooke, who viewed her with understandable hostility. Within moments, the bound and gagged enemies were kicking each other's legs, a battle that ended only when their ankles were tethered together. As they thrashed around in their annoying linkage, the bare- breasted pair fell onto their sides and lay awkwardly connected, a tableau that amused Andreina's one-time collaborator.

His sense of humor deteriorated when Andreina stubbornly refused to return his money, a defiant attitude that resulted in nude bondage for both women. As they stood tied and tape-gagged against a wall, both the shady adventuress and the innocent young woman who she'd dragged into her sordid world underwent a surprising change of heart. Perhaps influenced by the stark reality of their vulnerable mutual nudity, Andreina and Brooke huddled closer against each other as they balanced on bare feet, even pressing their taped lips and bare breasts together. When they turned back-to-back to pluck at bound wrists, however, Andreina's impatient ex moved them onto a fur rug, where interaction between the unlikely allies was rendered more difficult by waist-ankle tethers that folded them onto their hips.

As she watched Brooke strain against the tight bonds mastering her slender naked body, Andreina felt novel emotions of empathy and compassion for the guiltless girl. To end Brooke's harrowing day, the once cold-hearted conwoman surrendered the information her relentless former friend was demanding. While he verified her confession, she and her companion in peril knelt face- to-face on the rug, wrists linked to ankles; gratitude for Andreina's sacrifice shone in Brooke's eyes. With his fortune restored, her ex left with a smile on his face, but before departing he brought them even closer together than before by knotting a coil around both waists. Brooke and Andreina lay on their sides only inches apart, trapped in a bizarre relationship that would soon end but that they'd never forget. 

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