Dungeon-Bound Bosses in Pantyhose

Release Date: Nov.20.2017
Running Time: 0:44:24
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Blair Williams, Jasmine Vega

Office superviser Blair Williams was furious when she discovered that trouble-making employee Eric was once more absent from his desk, undoubtedly because he was taking an unauthorized break. So she told her assistant Jasmine Vega to make a note of the date and time, and when Eric made his tipsy return, she summarily fired him! Blair dismissed his threats of revenge, but the enraged man soon watched in satisfaction as his buxom boss sat bound in his chair, her harsh voice silenced by a knotted black cloth tied between her lips; bound and gagged in similar fashion, delicate Jasmine perched on the edge of the desk! After the ingenious assistant slipped off her shoes, she attempted to loosen Blair's wrist bonds with her tiny stockinged toes, a strenuous effort that ended in failure. Still utterly under the rogue employee's control, Blair writhed in stockinged feet on the floor while Jasmine squirmed on top of the desk!

The bitter employee's vendetta against his superiors took an eerie turn when Blair and Jasmine were whisked off to a dungeon where the formidable supervisor stood straining against the ropes pinning her to a wooden post! Her eyes glaring at the man she'd fired, Blair mouthed a ball-gag that muffled the angry words she directed against him; her indignation grew after her snug top was brazenly spread to reveal her breasts! As she'd soon discover, his campaign of humiliation was barely underway because Blair's tight white skirt was dropped to her ankles so that a crotch-rope could be installed at the sensitive junction of her pantyhosed legs!

In a mirror-image expression of Eric's turbulent imagination, petite Jasmine also stood bound to an identical post in her pink blouse and black skirt. During her anxious contortions, the ball-gagged brunette rose onto her stockinged toes and whimpered for a rescue that would never materialize! Like Blair, Jasmine was powerless to prevent her pert breasts from being bared before she was introduced to the embarrassing stimulation of a crotch-rope!

The crazed ex-employee savored the sight of his straight-arrow office- bosses once he reunited them in bondage. Stripped of their clothing and clad only in pantyhose, Blair and Jasmine sat chair-bound side-by- side and eyed their nemesis apprehensively while murmuring behind the duct- tape sealing their lips. The sight of their nervous struggling inspired Eric to order his playthings closer to each other until their breasts touched, then suggested that they express gag-to-gag affection; unable to resist his domination, Jasmine and Blair hesitantly complied while he complimented their awkward undulations! The reward for their submission was an alteration of their position that raised Jasmine's legs onto Blair's lap and tethered them waist-to-waist.

Two very intimidated young women sat huddled next to each other on a low platform, both still secured with rope, both still gagged with duct- tape, both still naked except for pantyhose. Although Blair and Jasmine continued to strain against the rope webs controlling them, they retained very little hope of escaping from Eric's maniacal grasp. Intoxicated by his achievement, the employee who'd once cringed before his bosses used a foolproof method to drive home their subjugation: Arching in hogtied desperation, Jasmine and Blair looked up at Eric in search of mercy that he had no intention of granting!

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