A Rose In Ropes

Release Date: Feb.03.2020
Running Time: 0:47:52
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Vienna Rose

Vienna Rose assisted a friendly collector search for a valuable coin but once it was located his true nature emerged. Unwilling to share the profits of the discovery with anyone, he left Vienna struggling in rope and mouthing a tight white cloth after he left with the prize. Trussed-up in her jacket and skirt, the bound and gagged office-worker sat powerless on a wooden chest, then slipped off her heels and continued to battle her bondage as she knelt barefoot on the floor. When she finally freed herself, the apparently naive Vienna revealed that she'd conned the con-man by passing on a nearly identical coin while holding on to the real thing for herself!

Vienna turned that old silver dollar into a fat addition to her bank account but her satisfaction was short-lived. A shady woman who'd heard of her coup paid a surprise evening visit and demanded the coin; when Vienna claimed that she no longer had it, her black pajamas were coiled with the silver tape that also sealed her lips. While the skeptical intruder searched her home, the tape-bound girl twisted back and forth on her bed, then squirmed on her stomach and kicked up her bare feet after another strip was tightened around her chest. 

When the greedy woman was convinced at last that Vienna no longer possessed the coin, she changed plans by ordering her captive to drain her bank account. Once Vienna's profits had been transferred, she was returned to restraint; wearing only her pajama bottoms and rope-bound, she sat bare-breasted and barefoot on the bed, eyes flickering nervously above her duct-tape gag. Before leaving, the now wealthy thief linked rope between Vienna's waist and ankles, an addition that ensured the hapless girl's struggles would continue in an even more restrictive manner. 

Vienna no longer had the coin or the money from its sale but she was relieved when her rope confinement came to an end. Relief soon gave way to alarm, however, when the coin collector she'd tricked showed up with a reversal of fortune on his mind. Wearing only panties and a sweater opened to expose her breasts, Vienna was gagged with microfoam tape and trussed to a chair, where she sat straining against against her bonds while her newest nemesis conducted his own search for the coin. When the frustrated man accepted that both the coin and the money she received were gone, he ranted at Vienna while her buxom body battled the ropes pinning her to the chair. 

Her one-time collaborator accepted that he'd leave with empty pockets but first he returned Vienna to the old roll-top desk where she'd retrieved the coin. His obvious motive was to humiliate the woman who'd embarrassed him so a naked, tied and tape-gagged Vienna soon stood near the antique and waited uneasily for her former partner's next move. When it appeared that he'd gone, she edged cautiously next to the desk and attempted to loosen her knotted wrists against its wooden surface. But the disturbed man was still savoring her contortions and took one last opportunity to display his enmity by hogtying Vienna on the floor, where she arched and rolled onto her side long after his departure

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