MILF Takeover!

Release Date: Feb.03.2020
Running Time: 0:40:4
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eden Wells, Farrah Fey

Maybe he should have known that being a personal assistant to two wealthy MILFs would have its downside -- those slender mature ladies in their tight jeans and expensive boots sipping their fancy wine and rolling their eyes as they sent him on another menial errand. So he finally snapped and Farrah Fay was the first to feel his wrath; seized and overpowered, she sat bound and tape-gagged on a chair in the kitchen. Farrah soon shared her plight with Eden Wells, who received the same treatment from the man she'd so often disrespected. As they squirmed indignantly next to each other, their substantial bosoms in snug tops tightly framed with rope, these women who expected automatic obedience from everyone began to understand that they were now the underlings.

They'd condescended to him for so long that their one- time errand boy was determined to gain his full measure of payback. Recalling that they'd occasionally frolicked in outfits with a cheerleader vibe, he compelled them to change into the blue and white tops and short skirts, then stood his bound role- players against a wall. Farrah was gagged with microfoam tape while Eden received an extra level of wrapping over the tape and around her head. The bitter man watched with grim satisfaction as they strained cautiously while trying to free themselves before sinking to the floor. Next he removed Eden's socks and sneakers so he could play with her shapely bare feet before allowing them another opportunity to unsuccessfully challenge their bondage. When Farrah and Eden managed to stand again, they hopped across the room, then the narcissistic pair froze in fascination as they watched their bound and gagged reflections in a wall-length mirror.

He'd never actually seen his tyrannical employers at their glamorous best, so this proud man they considered a lackey ordered another change of wardrobe to short black cocktail dresses around which the taut coils of white rope stood out brightly. After their insult-laced protests were nullified with double-layered gags of duct-tape over microfoam, the seething pair sat writhing on a narrow couch while he revelled in domination that included the removal of Eden's high-heeled sandals and teasing of her feet. The daring barefoot woman soon after hopped over to a window in the hope that she could summon help while their captor was preoccupied but he quickly swooped in to pick her up. Once accustomed to his groveling at her command, Eden lay utterly helpless in his arms while Farrah looked up in disbelief at the stunning tableau. 

The humiliated man's therapeutic vendetta concluded with his high and mighty oppressors sitting in a narrow hall on a hardwood floor. For his final demonstration of mastery, Eden had changed into a more modest black dress while Farrah's slender frame was clothed in tight top and pants; the knotted rope they'd come to hate snared their arms and legs and grey tape muffled voices whose endless commands had aroused his hostility. Once again Eden's strappy sandals contained her bare feet for only a brief time, leaving with the man whose defiance this spoiled pair could never have imagined. Abandoned to their own devices, the two powerless women twisted against each other on the floor as they tried to escape the ruthless ropework before edging slowly along the floor toward a door they fervently hoped would open. 

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