Bondage Betrayal Times Three

Release Date: Apr.01.2019
Running Time: 0:45:36
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alexis Tae, Nikki Peach, Regina Reigns

She's an innocent-looking little blonde in a short red skirt, but Regina Reigns is capable of playing a very devious game. When she learned that two former friends had hired a shady character to place her in bondage so they could toy with her, Regina struck back by offering him double the money. Together, they decided that the frenemies would be lured into a trap by a video of Regina struggling bound and gagged; roped in a chair with a knotted cloth tied between her lips, the wily young lady performed impressively. When the sleazy rigger advised Regina that her plight would be even more convincing if her breasts were exposed, she accepted his suggestion and indeed made an extremely compelling damsel in distress after her appealing orbs thrust through their rope web.

Exotic Alexis Tae and enticing Nikki Peach were united in their dislike of Regina so they were thrilled to receive the video designed to entrap them. But when Alexis arrived at the location where Regina supposedly awaited her in bondage, she received a very different reception than she expected. Eye-catching in her little black dress, bound and gagged Alexis squirmed in the chair while smirking Regina hovered over her. Nikki showed up a few moments later and received the same treatment, then their vengeful enemy upped the ante by baring their breasts and feet. Regina also replaced their cleave-gags with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape, before recording her triumph over her trussed-up rivals by taking selfies as she fondled their breasts!

Regina assumed that she'd waltz away after sufficiently humiliating Alexis and Nikki but she learned that when you deal with the devil the outcome will be hellish. So three unhappy young ladies were stripped to their panties, tied and tape-gagged, then sat struggling in a window seat while their treacherous host brought his diabolical plan to fruition. Still allied against Regina, Nikki and Alexis vividly communicated their hostility by maneuvering their rope- restrained bodies to shove her onto the floor. There she remained while the bound bullies were disciplined for their bad behavior with a change of position that arranged them next to the window, linked awkwardly together by four string- tied big toes.

Awkwardness of a different nature defined their new alignment, which found Alexis and Nikki kneeling face-to-face next to a bed, their naked bodies tied hand and foot. Their eyes flashed angrily above duct-tape gags while gazing up at Regina, also naked and tape- gagged, who stood roped to the tall wooden bedpost. The man all three captives had foolishly trusted coolly savored their embarrassing contortions, then arranged a second act in this bondage drama. His silent players changed places, with tall, slender Alexis standing pinned to the post, Nikki lying meekly on the bed and Regina curled up next to it on the floor.

For the final act, the clever perpetrator recruited a surprising collaborator: In return for her release from rope, Nikki agreed to dominate both Regina and Alexis, the friend she was willing to sell out! Still naked, the two losers in this nasty game sat on the bed with their backs against its headboard; Alexis twisted indignantly in her restrictive bonds as Nikki caressed her rope- framed breasts, then watched as Regina's nipples quivered under the betrayer's fingers. Finally given the opportunity to toy with Regina, Nikki also took advantage of her bound and gagged rival's soft bare soles. Nikki's tickling accelerated after the powerless pair were rolled onto their stomachs, with Regina receiving most of the smiling traitor's ruthless attention, but she also found time to swat Alexis on the bottom and tease her foot-bottoms. Treachery had apparently worked out just fine for Nikki -- but was it likely she'd remain free for long? 

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