Bound And Gagged Girls Struggle Together

Release Date: Oct.29.2018
Running Time: 0:47:4
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Anny Aurora, Lily Adams, Maya Kendrick, Danni Rivers, Emily Willis

Lily Adams was fed up with the noise from next door so she went to confront party-girl neighbor Anny Aurora. During their encounter, Lily had the misfortune to recognize a guest of Anny's as a wanted fugitive. Seized by Anny, Lily was swiftly bound, giving the tall blonde an opportunity to tape-gag her unwanted visitor; once Lily was placed in a chair, Anny enjoyed herself by fondling the helpless girl's breasts and tickling her shapely bare soles! The party ended abruptly for Anny when her sinister guest decided to take over the house and seat his indignant hostess in bare-breasted bondage next to Lily. Mumbling angrily at each other, the tape-gagged opponents struggled ineffectively until a miracle materialized for Lily.

Curled up on her bed in bra and panties, Maya Kendrick nervously called her friend Danni Rivers and told her about the strange sounds she was hearing. Danni promised to come over and offer support, but by the time she arrived Maya had already been tied and gagged by a desperado searching the house for valuables left by an earlier tenant. Quickly stripped to her lingerie, Danni sat next to Maya on the edge of the bed, both subdued by rope, both gagged by the intruder with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape! When he left to ransack the house, Maya edged toward the phone she'd left on an end-table but slipped onto the floor, where she was soon joined by Danni and the phone!

Because the thief was distracted from his search by the sounds of Maya and Danni wriggling on the floor and trying to operate the phone with their bare toes, he resolved to make their bondage more restrictive. So the naked and tape-gagged friends were secured face-down on the bed, their crossed ankles tethered to the bed's headboard; before the aggravated man left, he used the tethers to hogtie Danni and Maya, who failed to free themselves despite arching and straining with all their might!

Attired in a light-blue crop-top and short pink shorts, Emily Willis made an enticing tape- bound-and-gagged prisoner squirming on a mattress in a small dark room. After Emily's top disappeared, a long coil of micro-foam was tightened under her bare breasts and around her arms to augment her bondage. Although Emily rolled onto her side, then twisted on her stomach and elevated her bare feet, she remained under the tape's frustrating control.

Lily Adams and Anny Aurora just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time again, specifically a waiting-room where they overheard the sounds of an alarming struggle. When a large, angry man emerged from the office and found the wide-eyed young women listening, he prevented them from leaving by using duct-tape to bind their hands behind their backs and seal their lips! Once Anny and Lily were seated on the couch, he ended any chance of escape by taping their ankles and knees. Stunned by the menacing developments, the sandalled beauties huddled on the couch at first, then slid onto the floor as they tried to free each other from the inescapable tape. 

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