Stolen Beauties Held In Bondage

Release Date: May.06.2019
Running Time: 0:48:5
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Bella Rolland, Morgan Rain

Innocent pawn Reyna Rolland sat bound and blindfolded, a phone held next to her lips, and voiced a trembling message to twin sister Bella describing her plight. The man holding her in bondage then hand- gagged her and used his possession of Reyna to compel her sister into unwilling complicity with his vengeful scheme. After Bella reluctantly agreed to a deal with the devil, the triumphant evildoer stuffed cloth between Reyna's lips and sealed them with duct-tape. Desperate to free herself, Reyna twisted feverishly until her blindfold fell to the floor but the tall secretary's rope web held her in its unyielding grasp. As she lay on her side, eyes wide with anxiety, Reyna drew her knees closer to her chest and flexed her stockinged feet with powerless intensity.

Bella's assignment was simple but despicable -- grab lovely Morgan Rain, daughter of a man who Reyna's oppressor hated for stealing his invention. With the image of her bound and gagged sister fresh in her mind, Bella unhappily followed his directions and seized Morgan. Carrying the tied and tape-gagged little blonde in her powerful arms, Bella deposited Morgan on a low square platform, secured her ankles to its leg, then left the obscure location as she'd been ordered. Dressed to party in a sleeveless black top, colorful skirt and platform heels, Morgan sat stunned in her unimaginable predicament before straining awkwardly against her bonds. When a hooded figure appeared and began to rant about her father's crimes, Morgan whimpered nervously, then squirmed in disbelief as he pulled off her shoes and tightened her bondage with a rope linking her waist and ankles. Once he was gone, although barefoot Morgan writhed energetically, her strenuous resistance failed to impact the ropework but left her lying on her side, barely able to move.

Pretty little Morgan sat tied to a wooden chair, a white cloth spreading her lips and rope framing her bare breasts. To Morgan's amazement, a bound and gagged woman closely resembling her captor was brought in and pinned to a chair next to her; only after the deranged schemer smugly explained that her new companion was the formidable woman's timid twin sister did Morgan begin to understand Reyna's role in this sinister drama. The trussed-up couple murmured sympathetically to each other, then eyed the hooded bully angrily after Reyna's breasts were also exposed. But he responded by coldly warning them that if Morgan's father didn't accede to his demands, the consequences would be unpleasant.

If Reyna didn't already understand just how dire her situation was, standing with her nearly naked body coiled in rope and supported by an overhead chain would surely have convinced her. Stripped to see-through thong panties, Reyna balanced carefully on her bare feet while straining against bonds that only seemed to grow tighter, then gasped through her tape-gag when Morgan ran into the room. The delicate blonde was also panty- clad and her torso also oppressed by rope but she'd managed to free her legs; turning back-to-back, they tugged with frantic futility at the knots controlling each other's wrists. Time ran out on their slim chances of escape when the angry man rushed in to re-establish control over Morgan by binding her ankles and knees before adding a chain connection parallel to Reyna's. To their alarm, he then loomed over them, seized the vertical ropes and boasted maniacally of his power as the puppetmaster manipulating his lovely mannequins. After he marched away, Morgan and Reyna twisted back and forth in the dizzying grasp of the restrictive network.

Their panties gone, Morgan and Reyna huddled next to each other naked, tied and tape-gagged on an to each other on an abandoned mattress. Aware of their precarious situation in the clutches of a lunatic, they continued to challenge bondage that remained intact as they maneuvered on the mattress. Because his demands had still not been met, the disturbed man holding them turned his wrath on Reyna and Morgan by adding rope links that folded their legs close to their bottoms. As they lay immobilized on their sides, the two innocent women recognized that their prospects appeared bleak ...but then their eyes widened with hope for a long-delayed deliverance! 

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