Sexy Psych Majors' Bondage Experiment!

Release Date: Nov.11.2019
Running Time: 0:45:55
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Winter Jade, Brooklyn Gray

Winter Jade's first surprise arrived while she was trying on a new outfit. The tiny brunette was overpowered by a huge man who stuffed cloth in her mouth after Winter's hands were tied behind her, then secured it with a double dose of cleave- and over- mouth gags. Carried to her bed, Winter struggled anxiously after her ankles were bound until she heard Brooklyn Gray calling her name. Brooklyn was stunned by the sight of Winter struggling in bondage but quickly removed her gag; before she could untie her friend, however, she was seized by the same tall intruder and soon sat bound, gagged and barefoot next to Winter. As they writhed in rope and murmured to each other, the baffled pair couldn't imagine why they'd been rendered helpless.

Their confusing plight took an alarming direction after Winter and Brooklyn lost their clothes, then were left bound hand and foot in their panties. Gagged with knotted black cloths, the bare-breasted girls twisted awkwardly facedown on the bed and tugged against the ropes linking their ankles to the headboard. When their panties were pulled down below their knees, Brooklyn and Winter intensified their futile contortions while rolling back and forth on their stomachs.

After Winter and Brooklyn were taken from the bed, they stood naked against a wall, their breasts tightly webbed with rope. The bewildered friends mouthed ball-gags as they strained cautiously side-by-side against their undeserved bondage. Despite the worrisome situation, Brooklyn and Winter enjoyed a sensual interlude when they moved closer and their bare breasts made contact. Then Winter edged closer to the corner on her pink-nailed bare feet and pulled aside the large curtain to reveal a mirrored wall that vividly reflected their bound and gagged predicament.

Brooklyn and Winter were allowed to cover their nudity with tight little dresses but the mysterious characters responsible for their captivity moved them to a dark room where they sat next to each other in wooden chairs. Both resisted the coils of rope pinning them to the chairs while Winter mumbled through her knotted cleave-gag and Brooklyn responded behind the cloth tied over her mouth. After their breasts were exposed, the chairs were rearranged so that the two subjects of this experiment faced each other. The reason for their misadventures was explained after they were untied and the psych majors reminded that they had volunteered for a study on the psychology of stress.

Winter was satisfied to end her participation in the experiment but Brooklyn volunteered to continue in return for extra credit! Attired in blouse, skirt and heels, the dark-haired young woman revealed a hidden submissive identity while squirming bound and gagged in a closet, then rolling onto the small room's carpeted floor. Brooklyn's experimental subjugation concluded after her breasts were exposed once more and she was folded barefoot on her hip by a waist-ankle rope-link.

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