Britney's Back And Aspen's Got Her

Release Date: May.15.2017
Running Time: 0:54:37
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Aspen Rae, Britney Amber

After an energetic workout, sexy muscle-girl Aspen Rae figured that she deserved a reward for her strenuous exercise. So she went on the prowl and snatched busty and bikini-clad Britney Amber; when Aspen returned home, she was carrying the bound and gagged Britney in her arms! After tying the squirming girl to a chair, Aspen went into full domination mode by fondling and mocking the powerless Britney while straddling her, then taking selfies and phoning a friend to boast about her new plaything! Of course, Britney's bikini top soon disappeared, giving her new owner the opportunity to caress and lick her bare breasts. Delighted by Britney's noisy resistance, Aspen decided to accentuate her submission in a different manner, so she carried her off once more!

Trussed and voluptuous, Britney was lifted in Aspen's arms again, where she lay naked and fearful until her lustful mistress deposited her on the floor next to a couch! If Britney wondered why she was no longer gagged, the distasteful answer came after Aspen sat on the couch, stretched out her bare foot and commanded the bound nude to suck her toes! She resisted at first, but her mouth quickly became the receptacle for Aspen's thrusting toes; before long, her tongue licked the powerful woman's bare soles from top to bottom! Britney's ordeal took a different path after she was tape-gagged -- folded on her knees, she became the footstool for Aspen, who sat back in triumph before using her feet to toy with Britney as she writhed on the floor! When she heard the door open, Aspen assumed that it was the friend with whom she'd shared her secret, but she was seriously mistaken!

The hooded stranger had discovered Aspen's peculiar hobby and decided that it was time for a reversal of roles. Back in her bikini, Britney was eager for payback so she was happy to sit on a lounge while the muscular beauty knelt tied and naked before her; now it was her toes that played between Aspen's lips and her soles that Aspen tongued! And after Aspen was gagged with duct- tape and rolled onto her side, it was Britney's bare feet that roamed freely over her toned but bound and defenseless body! When her revenge was complete and she tried to leave, however, Britney found that the stranger had a different plan for her!

The plan was relatively simple -- Britney and Aspen would both struggle naked together while the evil intruder contemplated their contortions! Seated next to each other, they understandably viewed each other with hostility at first but then reached a truce by gag-muffled mumbling. The hooded figure swiftly thwarted their defiance of his scheme by folding Aspen and Britney on top of each other to demonstrate his mastery. Then, raised so that they knelt face-to face, the bound nudes underwent further humiliation as two pairs of rope- framed breasts were propelled into unwanted proximity!

Aspen's unexpected journey into submission continued as she stood tethered to the stairway railing; still tape-gagged, the naked girl raised on tiptoe and exerted her powerful physique in vain against knotted ropes that refused to loosen! Yet another rope was added to Aspen's bondage after her hooded tormentor materialized to gloat about his conquest; neatly installed between her legs, the crotch-rope became the most glaring symbol of her defeat. It wasn't the last, however -- that arrived when her nemesis carried in the bound and gagged Britney for a voiceless farewell, then walked away with her while Aspen could only watch and whimper! 

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