A Cat's Tale

Release Date: Jul.24.2017
Running Time: 0:46:43
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Sara Brown, Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright had never been more proud of herself -- sophisticated businesswoman Sara Brown was sitting bound and gagged in a chair while wicked Whitney gloated about the jewelry and coins she was about to purloin. Just in case Sara didn't feel sufficiently humiliated, the triumphant con-girl slipped the expensive pumps off her bare feet to take as a trophy and exposed her breasts; Whitney got a kick imagining the look on the face of whoever freed Sara from her bondage! So Whitney left Sara twisting in ropes and mouthing a thick knotted cleave-gag, but she'd soon discover that the bound beauty had a few secrets of her own -- and the next time they met, their roles would be starkly reversed! 

What a shock for Whitney, who was idly playing with her phone when Sara, menacing in her secret identity as a cat-burglar, struck back! Soon it was the unhappy little thief who was entangled in Sara's ropes and gagged with a knotted cloth all her own. Sara relished playing with the mischievous girl who'd embarrassed her, first giving her a chance to run, then perching her on the top of the bar, removing her sandals and tickling her bare soles! Whitney managed to reach her phone while Sara was on the prowl, but before she could call for help, she was caught and her provocative red top pulled down to bare her breasts! Writhing anxiously, Whitney wished she'd never met Sara, but she'd quickly learn that the vengeful cat wasn't finished with her!

Sara continued to teach her lesson in retribution by standing the tied and tape-gagged Whitney against the door leading into her kitchen. Purged of her insolence, the apprehensive girl appeared sweetly vulnerable in a semi-transparent chemise; the victorious cat couldn't resist baring Whitney's breasts as she whimpered remorsefully. Sara, of course, was in no mood to show mercy, instead pulling down Whitney's panties to leave her pussy fully exposed. Once she'd reclaimed the valuables that her bound subject had stolen from her, Sara was ready to depart, but only after the intimidated Whitney was lowered onto the floor and blindfolded! The black-clad burglar had lingered too long, however, because Whitney's partner took her by surprise; the wheel of fortune was about to take another 180-degree turn! 

Seething with resentment, Sara found herself back in bondage! The white ropes now stood out starkly against her sleek black catsuit while white tape sealed her lips as she stood tethered to a wooden post! Although Sara was angered by the physical oppression of her restraint, it was Whitney's contemptuous behavior that was unbearable. Clad in a black dress, she'd regained her arrogant attitude and displayed it by taking selfies with her trussed-up enemy, then perching in a window seat to tease Sara's powerless body with her bare feet! Whitney was flying high and was delighted to show off her rival in ropes to the partner who'd rescued her, but he brought her back to earth with a resounding thud!

To Whitney's dismay, her partner brought an abrupt end to their arrangment -- and since his new partner in crime could make good use both of Whitney's dress and Sara's catsuit, the battling pair were unceremoniously stripped to their bras and panties, then left in rope-bound indignation on the floor! Seated side-by-side, cleave-gagged Sara and tape-gagged Whitney eyed each other distastefully and mumbled their mutual disdain as they strained to loosen knots that refused to give way. After reaching an uneasy truce, they attempted to co- operate in defeating their frustrating bonds but accepted the futility of their task after tumbling onto their sides and rolling awkwardly against each other!










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