Athena And Lily: Transferred To Bondage

Release Date: Mar.09.2020
Running Time: 0:45:41
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lily Larimar, Athena Faris

Ambitious but naive, Athena Faris recognized too late that she'd involved herself in a shady scheme that could bring her nothing but trouble. After an intimidating operative ordered her to make a series of questionable wire transfers, Athena was confined to her office chair, her buxom body tightly bound and her pleas silenced by a thick black cloth. While her captor verified the transfers, Athena twisted nervously in the chair, then edged close to her computer and tried to message for help. But she was caught in the act and her breasts were bared by the sleazy agent, who also reminded Athena that he was holding her friend Lily Larimar as a guarantee of her good behavior.

Petite blonde Lily was stunned when she came to visit Athena and instead found a stranger who introduced her to bondage. Tied up in the kitchen and gagged with a red bandanna, the innocent girl sat on a low stool and quietly tested the ropes oppressing her small body. Lily was unable to free herself, so she searched for escape by slipping off the stool and edging barefoot along the floor. Before she could reach the door, however, the busy evildoer interfered by folding her legs with a waist-ankle rope-link; Lily was also disciplined by breast exposure but challenged the additional ropework with contortions on the hardwood floor that left her curled up on her hip.

Convinced that he'd confirmed the devious plan's success, the cold- hearted man brought Athena and Lily together; after they'd been stripped to bra and panties both lay facedown on the floor, bound, tape-gagged and blindfolded. Struggling desperately, the apprehensive friends managed to cast off the blindfolds, then turn back-to-back to grope at each other's knotted wrists. But their courageous maneuvers were thwarted by a schemer who celebrated his victory by leaving Lily and Athena arching in hogties. Long after he was gone and they were at last free of rope, Athena revealed a secret to her friend that would have made him very unhappy.

Months later, Lily and Athena had moved to a new location and believed they'd put those harrowing events behind them. The hopeful friends soon discovered how wrong they were when a female nemesis appeared, a replacement for the overconfident man Athena had tricked. Once again their bodies, entirely divested of clothing, felt the relentless pressure of taut ropes as they sat side-by-side on a couch. Mouthing white cleave-gags, the bound nudes remained defiant but a futile effort at rope- loosening resulted in Lily being separated from her friend. After Athena was taken away by the sinister woman to correct the transfers, Lily lay struggling alone on the floor, her ankles still hitched to the couch.

Trussed-up naked and tape-gagged, Athena and Lily stood next to each other against a wall after they were reunited by the efficient conspirator. Once she was certain that Athena's latest transfers were legitimate, the vicious scheme's trembling pawns were transferred to a couch, where they knelt face-to-face. Balancing with difficulty, Lily and Athena sighed with relief when the menacing woman departed, then strained carefully against their bonds while huddling together and sharing murmurs of consolation through their gags. 

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