Gia And Lola's Bondage Dreams

Release Date: Mar.09.2020
Running Time: 0:43:36
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lola Pearl, Gia Derza

Gia Derza was slightly embarrassed but willing to admit that she'd experienced some provocative dreams about her friend Lola Pearl. Like the one in which Lola was a sleek cat- burglar who cornered bespectacled Gia, seductively innocent in her white blouse and plaid skirt, then turned her into a bound and gagged plaything. As Gia stood barefoot and apprehensive, predatory Lola fondled her exposed breasts, then ordered the trembling girl to kneel. After the naughty cat enjoyed herself by tickling Gia's pink bare soles, she left her struggling anxiously on the floor. 

Gia also revealed the dominant aspect of her personality with a fantasy that featured black-clad Lola's slender body secured by plenty of white rope and her lips spread by a thickly knotted black gag. The sight of the cat-burglar twisting in restraint inspired Gia to emphasize her mastery by using Lola as a footstool before decisively confining her in a hogtie. With a gloating Gia looming above her, Lola arched angrily but with no impact at all on her tightly-knotted ropework. 

Pillow fight! Clad in silky pajamas, the playful pair giggled as they swatted each other until Lola ran off and Gia suddenly found herself bound and gagged with duct-tape. When Lola returned, she couldn't resist tantalizing her friend's soft soles again, but was soon also subdued by tape bondage. Sitting side- by-side on the floor, Gia and Lola strained enthusiastically against the sticky coils that were later augmented by other tight strips around their chests and arms. Although they rolled around across the carpet until they lay on their stomachs and continued fighting against the tape confining their limbs, the pajama girls remained helpless.

No pajamas for Lola in a more daring dream; instead, she sat naked, tied and tape-gagged on a bed, where she squirmed in powerless restraint until a smiling Gia materialized to fondle her breasts and lick her nipples. Of course, Gia didn't escape bondage for long, soon kneeling next to Lola, her nude body bound and her lips sealed with tape. Thrusting her breasts into Lola's face, Gia savored their sensual proximity until discipline arrived in the form of rope-links folding their legs. No longer capable of enjoying each other's bound nudity, the frustrated friends writhed on their sides, eyes wide above their gags. 

A pair of denim-clad damsels in distress, Gia and Lola sat trussed-up and tape-gagged with their legs hanging over the rear bumper of an SUV. As their predicament progressed, they were loaded into the back of the SUV, where they huddled together barefoot after Gia's sneakers and Lola's boots disappeared. Hardly a surprise that their tops were also rearranged to reveal rope-framed breasts; rotating back-to-back so they could reach out for each other's wrists, Lola and Gia twisted awkwardly in the vehicle's limited space until they gasped in surprise as the back door closed and it was driven away. But Gia undoubtedly would continue conjuring up dreams in which she'd share bound and gagged thrills with Lola.

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