Bella Searches For Laney, Finds Bondage

Release Date: Oct.07.2019
Running Time: 0:59:18
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Bella Rolland, Laney Grey

Laney Grey was still dressed in her blouse and skirt and hadn't taken off her heels but she was relaxing after work when the intrusion occurred; it left her sitting bound on her couch with a white cloth tightly secured between her lips. The alarming figure told Laney that she'd soon be leaving with him but meanwhile he found the time to bare his petite prisoner's breasts and feet. When the struggling girl briefly grabbed her phone to call for rescue, the arrogant man placed Laney on the floor in a hogtie, where she arched pathetically before he finally took her away.

When PI Bella Rolland learned that Laney had been abducted, she went searching for her friend. As Bella later acknowledged, she wasn't as vigilant as she should have been, which is why she ended up bound, gagged and blindfolded on a hardwood floor! Trussed-up in her tight red blouse and short skirt, the tall investigator writhed angrily while mouthing a knotted black cloth. Bella managed to shake off the blindfold but was humiliated by the breast-exposing antics of a man eager for revenge because her investigation had ruined his fraudulent business. He'd grabbed Laney to bait Bella and as she rolled around in bondage on the floor, he looked forward to another encounter when the friends were reunited.

Bewildered by her plight, Laney shivered as she sat tied and tape-gagged in her bright red bra and panties. Rescue appeared imminent when Bella appeared but Laney's hopes were swiftly dashed by the vengeful man, who once again outmaneuvered the frustrated PI. Also bound and gagged in her lingerie, Bella sat on the floor next to her friend's chair while the triumphant evildoer mocked her powerless state. Another dose of humiliation for Bella followed when she lay on the floor as a footstool for Laney, who was ordered to move her bare feet about on her friend's body.

Bella was free from ropework for a change but closely monitored as she towered over Laney, who stood bound, naked and tape- gagged. The diminutive girl was at the center of a diabolical maneuver that compelled Bella to reluctantly fondle her friend's breasts and stroke her pussy while the despicable man savored their embarrassment. Left without a choice, Bella then grimaced and apologized when she carefully turned Laney and swatted her bare bottom until her cheeks were pink.

His thirst for vengeance unsatiated, Bella's nemesis certainly wouldn't spare her from a reversal of roles. After she was stripped and tied again, Bella sat on a wooden table, eyes burning with anger above her tape-gag; behind her on the table, Laney caressed the bound and naked PI's breasts with trembling fingers as she murmured apologies. Bella's retribution reached new depths after she was hogtied, giving Laney the unwanted opportunity to suck her toes and give her a spanking. Left briefly alone, Bella arched powerfully but remained under the control of the rope network bowing her body.

After their harrowing experiences with distasteful domination, Bella and Laney sat next to each other on the floor, bound hand and foot and tape-gagged. Although their spirits had been diminished by the grotesque scheme, the naked pair yearned for an end to restraint so they summoned up the energy to pluck at each other's knotted wrists. Before their escape attempt could succeed, however, intervention by the vicious schemer left them folded on their hips by waist-ankle tethers. Laney and Bella curled up face-to-face, their hopes at a low ebb because they were unaware that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

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