Restraining Orders For Alluring Office Workers

Release Date: Jan.29.2018
Running Time: 0:52:30
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Ivy Wolfe, Christiana Cinn, Ashly Anderson, Alex Blake, Riley Reyes

Undercover investigator Ivy Wolfe believed that she'd successfully penetrated the gang, but Christiana Cinn decisively proved her wrong by grabbing her while she was phoning her contact. Once Ivy was seated bound and gagged on the floor, Christiana took advantage of her powerless state by removing her heels and tickling her stockinged feet! Although Christiana expected the gang leader to praise her initiative, he instead blamed her for recruiting Ivy in the first place and the angry moll soon lay bound and tape-gagged on the couch, in proximity to the contortions of the failed undercover girl. Ivy's situation improved drastically when operatives from her agency routed the gang and rescued her; Christiana's only worsened once her opponent was free to pull off her shoes and vengefully tantalize her bare feet!

Ashly Anderson was working late at the office when thieves materialized and tied up the wide-eyed secretary in her chair. They told Ashley it was the painting hanging above her desk they were after -- there was a priceless old master hidden under an insignificant copy! While the bound and gagged girl twisted nervously in the chair, the thieves' departure was stalled by police responding to a call nearby; with her captors distracted, Ashley, slipped off her heels, raised her legs to the desk and maneuvered her stockinged toes onto the phone she'd left there. But before she could call for help, one of the intruders spotted her; soon Ashley was more securely roped to the chair and her breasts exposed as a warning to behave! She wisely remained outwordly submissive until they were gone, then the spunky secretary put her feet to work again!

In hindsight, sending junior Human Resources officer Alex Blake to the home of a senior executive noted for offensive workplace banter was not such a great idea. When Alex conscientiously informed him that he was forbidden from telling female colleagues they'd look great tied up and gagged, the crass corporate veteran responded by complimenting the shocked young woman's bondage potential! Convinced that he was a lost cause, Alex attempted to leave but quickly found herself confined in rope; as she sat struggling indignantly and demanding to be released, the shameless man praised her strenuous efforts, then muffled her voice with a cloth tied between her lips! After her neat grey business suit was disheveled and her shoes removed, Alex's on-the-job nightmare concluded while she squirmed in bare-breasted humiliation on the couch!

Vivacious secretary Riley Reyes had plans that were rudely interrupted by a very unplesant man; once Riley was bound, he silenced her protests by stuffing cloth in her mouth and sealing her lips with duct-tape! After her knees and ankles were tied, Riley was left sitting on the couch where she discovered her phone hidden between the cushions. But before she could arrange her rescue, the phone was seized and Riley ended up on the floor, her blue blouse pulled open and her black pumps removed. There the bare-breasted little blonde kicked up her stockinged feet and rolled onto her side in futile efforts to escape her bondage!

Christiana Cinn took pride in her business-like but alluring appearance that featured a bright white blouse, tight blue skirt, black jacket, stockings and heels. So it was only appropriate that as Christiana sat on the safe emptied of cash, she was neatly trussed with coils of white rope around her ankles, knees and chest, and gagged with carefully-applied strips of duct-tape! As the burglary proceeded, however, Christiana's breasts were bared by the fun-loving thief and her shoes slipped off as she strained against unforgiving ropework. The dark-haired executive's harrowing experience concluded as she lay hogtied on top of her desk, the dark-patterned soles of her stockinged feet rising high above her head!

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