No Where Safe For Captured Couples

Release Date: Dec.24.2017
Running Time: 0:48:9
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Alix Lynx, Max Evergreen, Amarna Miller, Jean Feliz, Christiana Cinn, Donnie, Holly Manning, Gerard, Lola Pearl, Dogo Da Vinci

Boss Max Evergreen and his secretary Alix Lynx won't be testifying against that crooked businessman anytime soon! A hooded intruder has taken care of the situation. Both are bound and cleave gagged on the office floor and struggle to free themselves!

Softwear engineer Jean Feliz has gotten mixed up with some scary dark- internet types; when they pay an unexpected visit, sweet girlfriend Amarna Miller is held in bondage so that Jean will do their bidding! Once they have what they want, Jean is also tied up and tape-gagged, then he struggles with Amarna Miller on the carpeted floor as the bad guys lurk nearby!

Christiana Cinn had been working at the firm for a few months before she noticed that Floor 13 wasn't being used any more. After sneaking up there a few times to look around, she phoned her boyfriend. "Hey Donnie, come over during lunch break. I've always fantasized about having sex on an office desk!" But when she got to the rendezvous point, an intruder appeared instead, and tied her up! When Donnie shows up he finds Christiana bound and gagged on the desk and ends up next to her, shirtless and tied up with rope!

Hapless couple Holly Manning and Gerard are tied up and tape- gagged on their bed by yet another larcenous character, who orders them to remain motionless and quiet. When he catches them struggling back-to-back in an attempt to loosen their bonds, he wastes no time in hogtying them.

The touch of cold hard steel tells Lola Pearl and Dogo Da Vinci that there's no escape and they're going to be held captive here for a long, long time. That doesn't keep them from struggling against the cuffs, rolling around on the bed. Soon though their captors decide they need more restraint and hogties them side by side.

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