She's Tied Up At Work Right Now

Release Date: Jun.19.2017
Running Time: 0:48:53
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Chloe Scott, Maya Kendrick, Janna Hicks, Giselle Palmer, Penny Pax, Alix Lynx, Janet Bradley, Sara Brown

Naive secretary Chloe Scott makes the serious error of revealing her knowledge of the office safe's combination to new employee Maya Kendrick. Scheming Maya takes immediate advantage by emptying the safe once the dismayed Chloe's tied to her chair and cleave-gagged! Although she knows it would be wiser to hit the road with her loot, Maya can't resist toying with her rope-subdued patsy by baring wide- eyed Chloe's breasts and feet, then handling them as if they were her property! Maya's lust leads to her downfall, however, because she's caught by a security guard, who immediately opts for retirement after he notices the sexy thief's bag of cash. So instead of freeing Chloe, he adds a bound, bare-breasted and barefoot Maya to the mix; with prison around the corner, the tape-gagged bad girl struggles desperately on the floor but has no more success freeing herself than disillusioned Chloe!

Janna Hicks appears to be an unremarkable businesswoman in her jacket, skirt and heels but she's actually a spy! Not a very good one, though, which is why Janna's caught in the act, subdued with rope and silenced with a knotted cloth. The unpleasant character responsible for her bondage accentuates Janna's plight by exposing her breasts, then savors her indignant struggling before momentarily abandoning her. Desperate to escape, Janna slips off her shoes and loosens the ankle tether holding her in place, but before she can progress any further in her stockinged feet, the unhappy operative's definitively restrained by a hogtie!

Penny Pax has a simple job -- to ensure that visitors to an obscure archive of antique documents possess the necessary password. She's never had a problem, not until a man without the password enters the archive after tying petite redhead Penny and pretty intern Giselle Palmer to chairs and gagging them with knotted black cleaves! Stunned by his brazen act, Giselle and Penny strain uncomfortably in their blouses and skirts while attempting to communicate with gag-stifled murmurs! Before departing with a stack of purloined papers, the despicable thief reinforces his domination by leaving the bound women bare- breasted; indignant Penny then kicks off her shoes and tries to loosen Giselle's wrist bonds with her bare toes but ends up on the floor after her venture fails!

If you're an unscrupulous speculator in desperate need of merger info, why not grab the tycoon's "personal assistant"? That's why alluring Alix Lynx finds herself on the hot spot, sitting bound and blindfolded while she's bombarded by questions about the looming big deal! When poor Alix pleads ignorance, the impatient schemer tape-gags her and gives her time to consider her very limited options; continued obstruction results in further intimidation, specifically the exposure of Alix's eye- catching breasts! Before long, the stubborn corporate confidante views her oppressor from the horizontal perspective of a hogtie that brings her arching stockinged feet close to her hands!

Innocent office-worker Janet Bradley's bound and gagged in her bedroom by a sinister stranger in pursuit of Janet's too-adventurous housemate Sara Brown. After Sara coughs up the information he's after, she joins her friend in bondage while the intruder verifies her data; seated side- by-side, Janet and Sara strain in futility against the tight ropes coiled around their blouses ands mouth intrusive cleave-gags! As a final reminder that it's unwise to deal with the devil, both ladies have their garments disheveled and their feet bared, then squirm in embarrassed semi-nudity! When they finally manage to free themselves, Sara apologizes profusely and promises Janet that her days of getting involved with criminally- inclined bad boys are over! 

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