Emily's Bondage Dream

Release Date: Jul.02.2018
Running Time: 0:46:39
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Emily Willis, Aspen Celeste

After delicate student Emily Willis fell asleep in the arms of her affectionate teacher Miss Aspen Celeste, her dreams unleashed the bondage fantasies she was reluctant to realize while awake. Dressed in an orange top and black short- shorts, Emily sat tightly- roped on a chair, her dark eyes wide above the duct-tape sealing her lips. As she twisted in the taut ropework, the bound dreamer pressed her sandaled bare feet against the floor, then slipped onto it and continued to struggle. Emily portrayed the perfect damsel in distress, one who was apparently about to be rescued by her glamorous mentor -- until Miss Celeste also fell prey to a villain!

Emily's subconscious served up a provocative reunion with Aspen that occurred after their clothes disappeared and they sat side-by-side on the carpeted floor. Both lovely nudes were subdued with efficiently-knotted ropes and gagged with white tape; at first they huddled close and tried to communicate with gag-stifled murmurs but they soon grew more daring. Despite their restraint, Emily and Aspen eagerly rotated until they sat back-to-back tugging at each other's wrist bonds. Although their efforts failed, their spirits were undiminished so they curled onto their hips until the rope- framed breasts of student and teacher "accidentally" made contact.

Emily and Aspen were freed from thrilling nudity but shared bondage once more after they sat tied and tethered to opposite ends of a small coffee table. As they contended against their restrictive plight, Miss Celeste was educationally alluring in a sleeveless top, short pleated skirt and high-heeled sandals, while her luscious protege sported a similar top, tight denim shorts and flat sandals ideal for displaying her red- nailed bare toes. The tape-gagged pair leaned back and eyed each other soulfully after their tops were adjusted to bare their breasts!

More than breasts were bared after Emily and Aspen returned to the floor, their slender naked bodies controlled by rope and their lips spread by black cleave-gags. Far from the classroom, teacher and student again enacted the fantasy Emily had secretly cherished by maneuvering carefully on their knees until their nipples brushed together. Perhaps Emily was still conflicted by her desire for bound pleasure because discipline for their sensual provocation swiftly followed. Kept apart after their legs were folded by rope-links, Aspen twisted desperately on her hip while Emily rolled onto her side and lay writhing against the carpet!

Aspen crossed the bridge from fantasy to reality once she was aware of Emily's passion; determined to satisfy her student, she arranged an eye- catching bondage for herself. Tied to a wooden chair with her ankles tethered to the rear chair-legs so that her own were spread wide apart, the gorgeous teacher boldly presented herself, untroubled by shame. While she waited for Emily's arrival, Aspen indulged in energetic contortions and moaned behind her duct-tape gag; the sight of her Miss Celeste naked, bound and gagged brought a mischievous smile to Emily's face and her hands in almost immediate contact with Aspen's inviting breasts! 

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