Millennium Girls Tied With Rope, Silenced With Gag

Release Date: Dec.03.2018
Running Time: 0:48:7
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Jocelyn Sweets, Megan Marks

During a semester break from college, Jocelyn Sweets was delighted when her father asked her to house-sit while he was away on vacation. Given the temporary gift of a mansion, she invited classmate Megan Marks to join her for a week of partying. Their fun came to a screeching halt, however, when a large man appeared and angrily proclaimed that he was keeping an eye on his friend's house to assure that no squatters broke in. He refused to believe petite blonde Jocelyn's nervous explanation that she was his friend's daughter, instead ordering the girls to stand against the wall so he could tie their hands behind their backs. After Megan and Jocelyn sat side-by-side on a couch with ropes knotted tightly around their black cocktail dresses, the implacable man stuffed cloth into their mouths and completed their gags with duct-tape. When he left them alone, the innocent girls struggled anxiously and reached out to each other's bound wrists but their bondage refused to relent.

When he returned and they were briefly freed, Jocelyn and Megan believed that their shocking ordeal was over -- instead it was just beginning! Untied but still gagged, they stood against the wall again, where the menacing man allowed them to remove the tape and spit out the cloth stuffing, then ordered them to strip naked. While he supposedly tried to verify their story, Megan and Jocelyn were left tied and tape-gagged on the floor. Their bodies overpowered by ropework, the little nudes squirmed next to each other and rubbed their faces together in a failed effort to remove their gags before cautiously edging across the wooden floor toward a nearby door. Caught in the act, they returned to sit and twist against the wall with their legs hobbled by waist- ankle tethers.

The paranoid home defender was determined to keep his suspects under control so the naked pair stood hitched to wooden railing posts, their lips spread by ball-gags. Barely able to move, Jocelyn and Megan's small bodies contorted in their rope webs while they gazed apprehensively around the house that had promised so much enjoyment for them just a few hours earlier. The self-righteous man's next addition to their bondage raised questions about the sincerity of his motivation -- after crotch-ropes were tightened between their legs, he made a leering remark about providing his captives with sensual stimulation. It was impossible to deny that after their initial negative reaction, both Megan and Jocelyn whimpered and contorted excitedly against the invasive ropes.

Annoyed that his suspects had received excessive pleasure from the additional rope-links, their warden turned into a physical fitness trainer and sent them outdoors for exercise. Although their legs were free of rope, upper-body bondage and tape-gags limited the chances of escape for Jocelyn and Megan, who wore colorful tops and denim shorts for their backyard stroll. At first they ambled around aimlessly but when the desperate girls began plucking at each others' bonds, their vigilant oppressor seated them on stone steps with their ankles and knees tied. Before they were dragged back inside, ingenious Jocelyn slipped off her flats so her bare toes could attempt to loosen the knots pinning Megan's wrists together.

Barefoot, bound and tape-gagged, the helpless friends returned to the living-room where their day had begun so hopefully; Jocelyn sat on a wooden coffee-table while Megan sat facing her friend on a couch. Both tugged in frustration against ankle-tethers holding them in place as the man they'd come to hate told them he was leaving -- a remark that raised their spirits until he added that he'd called the police to report their home invasion. Because he'd be embarrassed if they escaped before the cops arrived, more stringent bondage was required; to their dismay, he was as good as his word and hogties followed. The two sweet little students arched pathetically, Jocelyn on the floor and Megan on the couch, until the police showed up to release them and verify their stories. 

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