Grab And Bind Of Ashly Anderson

Release Date: May.28.2018
Running Time: 0:44:58
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Ashly Anderson

It was a rare off-day for hard-working Ashly Anderson, so the buxom young businesswoman was very casually clothed in a red sleeveless top, denim shorts and sandals. Ashly needed time to consider a serious office problem, but the time ran out when the colleague she suspected of stealing company trade secrets drastically interrupted her day! Tied-up and tape-gagged, Ashly sat trembling in the back seat of an SUV while the desperate man drove her to a distant hideout; when they arrived, she was led inside and dumped on a small bed in an dark wooden room. After struggling bound and barefoot on the bed for several minutes, the courageous girl slipped onto the floor and knelt as she searched for a way out of her predicament!

Trapped in rope, her lips sealed with duct-tape, Ashly recognized that she had a minimal chance of escaping her precarious situation, but she refused to remain passive while her unbalanced co-worker decided her fate! So Ashly rolled onto her side, then painstakingly squirmed along the floor and out of the room where she was being held; wriggling through another room, she moved toward sounds she's heard outside the house in the hope of attracting attention with gag-muffled cries for help! But her strenuous efforts went unrewarded and Ashly, breasts bared during her exertions, found herself trapped in yet another room without a way out!

The desperate man's strategy soon became clear -- utilize bondage oppressing her naked body to intimidate Ashly into silence about his theft! Webbed in rope and mouthing a white cleave-gag, Ashly sat in a black leather office-chair and strained against the rope wrist-cuffs that pinned her arms across her waist. But the indignant girl was still unwilling to submit to her crooked co- worker, so she laboriously wheeled the chair across the room, then lifted her legs to jostle a door-knob with her toe-tied bare feet! Success was fleeting, however, because when Ashly opened the door, she was immediately confronted by her nemesis and rolled back; her ankles re-tied separately and attached to the chair arms, she sat back in spread-legged vulnerability!

More conventionally bound with wrists secured behind her, Ashly sat nude on a couch while her despicable captor tried to reason with her. When she remained defiant, he stuffed cloth in her mouth, then sealed it in place with grey tape and left apprehensive Ashly to consider her options. Seated upright and contorting in tight bondage, Ashly unwittingly flaunted her extraordinary physique, then rolled onto the couch and lifted her legs until her bare feet rested on the couch-arm, where her toe-tied soles arched and flexed in frustration!

Ashly's mobility was severely limited after her voluptuous naked body was stretched out on a bed, wrists tethered above to the headboard and ankles hitched to the footrail. Gagged with microfoam tape, Ashly twisted energetically on the dark blue sheet while she tugged against the rope-links but her limbs remained under control by the simple yet efficient bondage. The uneven contest took an ominous swerve for Ashly when she was folded into a hogtie; despite spirited struggling, the unfortunate executive's strength was insufficient to loosen the knots that mastered her!

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