You Didn't See Anything, Did You?

Release Date: Jun.10.2019
Running Time: 0:47:47
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Evelyn Claire, Whitney Westgate

The nightmare began for Evelyn Claire and Whitney Westgate when they noticed strangers entering one of the nearby offices in their complex. Through a small window, they soon became aware of a robbery in progress, then were stunned by the identity of one particular thief. Curiosity turned to alarm, however, when the thieves noticed them and swiftly took measures to assure their silence. Kneeling bound and gagged on the floor, Whitney and Evelyn listened nervously as they were warned to keep their knowledge of the operation and its participants to themselves after they were freed. Although they had no desire to anger the thieves, the struggling secretaries were eager to escape so they slipped off their heels and maneuvered back-to-back in their stockinged feet. Before they could even begin to loosen any knots, however, Evelyn and Whitney were caught in the act; legs folded by waist-ankle links, they twisted awkwardly in their rope webs.

After Evelyn was freed from rope so she could assist the thieves in carrying out their operation, Whitney was left in bondage under the supervision of a female gang member. Perched on the desk with her jacket removed and tape-gagged, the slender girl strained nervously while trying to ignore her guardian's lustful glances. But the shameless woman had been enticed by Whitney's fragile innocence, so she couldn't resist opening the powerless secretary's pink blouse to reveal her bound breasts. When Whitney tried to escape by slipping off the desk, however, she immobilized her unhappy captive with an ingenious tether under the desk that connected her wrists and ankles.

Several weeks later, Evelyn was trying to relax and forget her alarming experience. But the theft's organizer had heard rumors that she'd reveal his identity, so he sent an operative to reason with her. When he arrived, Evelyn was lying on her bed in a tight chemise and white mules playing with her phone; moments later, she was squirming on her stomach in a cross- ankle hogtie and mouthing a knotted black gag. Released from the hogtie, the dark-haired beauty then sat against the bed's headboard and called Whitney at the hooded man's orders before he silenced her with cloth and duct-tape. Whitney was stunned to find her friend bound and gagged once again, and quickly understood that she'd be joining Evelyn in bondage.

The hooded intruder courteously allowed Evelyn to change into a black dress but after she and Whitney were secured with rope, they knelt tethered to the headboard. He repeated the simple message that both women should develop cases of amnesia regarding the events they witnessed at the office, then gagged Whitney with cloth- stuffing and duct-tape. Rising on their knees, the apprehensive friends pulled against the ropes hitching them to the bed and plucked at each other's wrists until they were interrupted. To emphasize the seriousness of his mission, the cold-hearted figure added rope-links that folded Evelyn and Whitney onto their hips and bared their breasts.

The room wasn't particularly cold but Whitney and Evelyn shivered after they were stripped and sat naked, tied and tape-gagged on a small wooden chest that was one of Evelyn's favorite pieces of furniture. Murmuring anxiously, the nude friends writhed in rope networks that utilized the chest's metal handles to entangle them more deviously. The role played by the ropes slithering through those handles became even more prominent after Whitney and Evelyn were moved to the floor, where they lay back-to- back barely able to move. Looming over them, the man they fervently hoped to never see again reminded his unfortunate subjects to forget everything they'd witnessed that night at the office, an attitude they were now more than willing to share. 

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