Greed, Naivety And Bondage

Release Date: Dec.16.2019
Running Time: 0:45:46
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eden Wells, Bella Rolland

Bella Rolland and her guy were enjoying their stay at a fancy resort when landlady Eden Wells arrived to remind them that they were late with the rent. Instead of paying off their debt, the shady couple responded by seizing Eden and holding the stunned woman in bondage. Tightly tied and tape- gagged, Eden was then relegated to a small bedroom where she writhed on the bed until powerful Bella carried her back to the couch, where she was mocked by the delinquent pair. After they left her, Eden struggled onto the floor but her strength was insufficient to loosen the ropes tautly coiled around her dress. When Bella had a change of heart and returned to release her, the bound and gagged landlady believed that her ordeal was over.

Eden's optimistic attitude collapsed when Bella was grabbed by her angry boyfriend, who punished her sympathetic outreach with rope and duct-tape. After ordering intimidated Eden to change into a top and skirt, she received similar restrictive treatment and was seated next to her failed rescuer on the couch. When they were briefly neglected by the volatile man, Bella and Eden directed their energies toward freeing each other's bound wrists and taped mouths but remained in frustrated confinement even after they slid onto the floor. Once Bella's man was back in the picture, he emphasized her powerless position by lifting Eden into the air so he could raise the unfortunate landlady's bare feet over his girlfriend's face.

As the grifting vacationer continued what he considered a disciplinary process, Bella and Eden were both reclothed in tops and tight black pants, then were bound hand and foot with the duct-tape that also sealed their lips. Kneeling barefoot on a dark-covered pool-table, his anxious subjects strained against the sparse but effective bondage that affirmed his domination. Eden and Bella's ineffectual squirming appeared even more pathetic after they sprawled onto their stomachs and murmured to each other while raising their bare feet high above bound wrists.

Raised from their awkward facedown situation, Bella and Eden stood roped to a wooden post at a 90-degree angle from each other; the petite blonde still wore her purple top and black pants but the tall brunette's curvaceous body was clad in a revealing crop-top and short green skirt. As the barefoot women raised on tiptoe while tugging against the web pinning them to the post, cleave-gagged Bella gazed at her controlling companion, her eyes signalling surrender. Because she accepted her submissive position, it was reasonable to predict that Bella would soon be released but Eden would have to free herself.

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