An Imaginative Novelist's Bondage Adventure

Release Date: Jan.20.2020
Running Time: 0:52:5
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Diana Grace, Lacy Lennon

Diana Grace had outlined her first novel, a thriller that would feature adventurous detective Lindy Lawless. Diana felt confident about Lindy's characterization except for an important episode where she's grabbed by a scheming villainess and held captive. To fully grasp her heroine's emotions, the conscientious writer wanted to experience the physical demands of bondage, so she requested her BDSM-savvy friend Lacy Lennon to tie her up. Lacy was more than happy to assist her friend, with the result that Diana was quickly trussed up in her tight black dress and seated on the floor. The creative writer strained against the knotted ropes while identifying with her helpless character; although Diana questioned whether a gag was necessary, Lacy tied a black cloth between her lips, then watched in satisfaction as her bound and gagged friend rolled around on the carpet.

After she was freed, Diana thanked Lacy for her valuable assistance but requested one more favor: Because the novel's plot required her detective to turn the tables on the villainess, she wanted to know what it would feel like to hold another woman in bondage. To imagine herself in the dominant role, Diana would need to tie up Lacy and observe her reactions. Although Lacy was skeptical about her friend's rigging skills, she was willing to cooperate so was placed on a small coffee-table, where she sat effectively secured in rope, if not as neatly as Diana had been. The pretty redhead was soon cleave-gagged, then Diana surprised Lacy by pulling off her shoes and arranging her on the table for some vigorous bare-sole tickling. Once again, the novelist was successfully inhabiting her character when both women were surprised by a friend's arrival.

Their friend was also surprised by Diana and Lacy's kinky interaction but once the motivation was explained, he offered a suggestion for the novelist to consider: What if the heroine and villainess shared a bound and gagged episode? Diana was open to any means of improving her work so after she and Lacy changed into provocative little dresses, the helpful acquaintance did his part to trap them in rope again. The tape-gagged pair of contrived enemies sat side-by-side on the couch and directed hostile glances at each other until their breasts were bared by the over-enthusiastic collaborator. Directing their indignant murmurs in his direction, they worked strenuously to free themselves until Lacy slipped onto the floor while Diana continued twisting on the couch. Their expectations that release would soon follow were dashed when the meddling friend suddenly left to address a workplace emergency.

Another friend arrived to untie Lacy and Diana; she was relieved to learn that she'd stumbled onto a psychological experiment instead of a robbery's aftermath. But the plot thickened after Diana left the room and Lacy enlisted the newcomer on her side in a new scheme. When Diana returned, she lost her clothing to the conspirators and was moved to a different room where she twisted indignantly in naked bondage. As she fondled and tickled her helpless friend, Lacy urged Diana to utilize these shocking sensations when she returned to writing. Lacy's triumph didn't last long, however, because the newcomer decided that two lovely nudes squirming tied and tape- gagged was better than one. Their legs folded by waist-ankle links, Diana and Lacy writhed at opposite ends of the couch, then rolled close together, eyes widening as they watched another friend make an abrupt departure.

For the third time, a visitor appeared to release two weary young women who assumed that they'd seen the last of ropes and gags. Not so fast, said the man who just happened to be Diana's agent; brainstorming nimbly, he suggested that his client consider an alteration of Lindy Lawless's identity by turning her into a cat-burglar who pursues and punishes gangster- girls. To test this concept, Diana eagerly donned a costume she'd last worn on Halloween; considerably less thrilled by the new plan, Lacy grudgingly accepted her role as a tied, tape-gagged and naked bad girl. Seated on a wooden coffee-table, she cringed while Diana's black-gloved hands roamed over her bare flesh before settling on a tickling strategy that raised her legs for maximum pussy exposure. But the agent had a final twist to contribute, one that relegated Diana's cat-suited heroine to a barefoot hogtie on the couch while Lacy arched in matching restraint on the table. Let's hope that their exertions will have a beneficial impact on Diana's novelistic debut.

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