So Many Nice Girls Trapped In Rope

Release Date: Sep.10.2018
Running Time: 0:50:8
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Lily Adams, Alex De La Flor, Maya Bijou, Xeena Mae, Pristine Edge,Jana Jordan, Carol Luna

They grabbed Lily Adams first; she looked very timid sitting there against the wall, all tied up in her neat dark jacket and skirt. When Lily couldn't control her emotions and started yelling for help, she was gagged with a white cloth and left twisting uncomfortably in her ropes. After tiny Alex De La Flor showed up, she was stunned to find her boss in bondage and before she could make a move, a big man grabbed her. Alex murmured anxiously as she sat bound and gagged next to Lily, who also communicated imperfectly with her protege; after slipping out of their shoes, they started to edge along the carpet but hadn't gone far before they were halted. Legs hobbled by waist-ankle tethers and gags augmented with duct-tape, Lily and Alex faced an uphill battle against ropework that propelled them onto their sides when they tested it too energetically!

When petite secretary Maya Bijou witnessed activities on the job that were meant to remain secret, she was seized by a sinister security operative. Lying bound and blindfolded on a couch, Maya listened in alarm as he harshly counseled her to forget everything she'd seen, then stuffed cloth between her lips and sealed them with duct-tape. When she was left alone, the feisty little brunette shook off the blindfold, slipped off her heels and stood up carefully with the hope that she could hop out of the room. Her nemesis was too vigilant for escape to be possible, so Maya's courage was rewarded with a hogtie; as she wriggled barefoot on her stomach, her soft bare soles received tantalizing attention from the security op's fingertips!

Graduate student Xeena Mae was bitterly disillusioned when she discovered that her professor and mentor had published her research under his own name! An even more disturbing situation followed when Xeena confronted him and threatened to expose his theft; when the professor panicked, the pretty student became a bound and gagged whistle-blower. As she sat wide-eyed on the floor, Xeena's long legs were controlled by coils of white rope that also webbed her black blouse; her lush lips were spread by a knotted black gag. Desperate to escape, Xeena kicked off her black pumps and edged across the hardwood floor in her stockinged feet; caught in the act she was returned to the corner, where she huddled, waist and ankles connected by rope!

The heiress of a family-owned business, conservatively-clothed Pristine Edge managed operations in the same manner. When she refused to allow questionable investors to intrude on the profitable company, they struck back by seizing vital data. During the process, Pristine was trussed-up in her blouse, sweater and long plaid shirt; gagged with duct-tape, she first sat tethered to the couch where she'd been working. The mean-spirited intruders humiliated Pristine by baring her impressive breasts and removing her flats, then left her lying on the couch in stockinged feet, her wrists and ankles rope-linked!

Jana Jordan and Carol Luna were two hard-working young women who had the bad luck to return home when energetic operators were removing their valuables. Carol and Jana were first tied up and roped to chairs in the kitchen, but when calls for help ensued, cloth-stuffing and duct-tape effectively silenced them. The bound and gagged pair writhed indignantly after their breasts were exposed, then strained against ankle-tethers pinning them to the chairs. After slipping out of their shoes, Jana and Carol made strenuous efforts to loosen each other's bonds even after they lay awkwardly struggling on the floor! 

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